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    Default CN or CSA for non-adventurous eaters? THX!

    HI everyone! I am a couples NEWBIE. I am getting married to the most wonderful man in june and we are planning a honeymoon for early august - SO excited! We are going with best friends that will also be newly married and we are having a difficult time choosing CN vs CSA. After reading LOTS on this board and TA, I see that everyone has their favorite resort. I looked at the sample menus from both and they seem to have some interesting dishes (duck, mussels etc)! I will at least try almost everything once - but I am afraid my travel partners prefer pretty basic american food (pizza, steak, chix etc). Would anyone be able to comment on the food of CN vs CSA ? I would be so upset if they couldnt fine anything on the menus they were excited to try! THX in advance for the help!!

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    Both resorts have foods that fit into these categories. No worries mon!!! :O)

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    They have regular items as you are looking for at the restaurants.

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    We've stayed at three of the four Couples and did the Trading Places day pass for the fourth. My wife is a "non-adventurous eater" as well. She loved the food at all of the resorts. There is planty of selection for everyone. The menus on this site are just samples and by no means cover everythng that might be served. CSA has one more restaurant (I think) than CN, so that might give just a few more options there. But as I said, my "non-adventurous eater" wife had no complaints. She even found some new things that she enjoyed like the grilled snapper sandwich at CSA's Seagrapes.
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    My husband is NOT an adventurous eater and we are both vegetarian though I will eat meat once in a while...I'll eat about anything that is meat free but he is a nervous eater when away from home. We ate and ate and ate and the food was fabulous! In fact, my husband can actually "forget" meals just totally skip and at CSA he was the one suggesting we go eat all the time...we never missed a meal and we ate plenty of snacks too. There is a restaurant that has pizza at all three meals...even breakfast pizza. There is a beach grill that has the typical menu you'd expect there. The buffet restaurant will always have something to please the more unadventurous folks. The food is fabulous and there is something for everyone.

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    There are lots of American style dishes at both resorts, your traveling companions will be fine.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I haven't been to CN but I am a fairly picky eater and I have allergies to many of the menu items but I can always find something I like at CSA. They have an awesome pasta bar for dinner at the Palms and he will surely love the Cabana Grill for lunch. I can't have seafood, shellfish, nuts, beef and some other things so that limits my options quite a bit. There is usually a chicken or pork dish that I like. The Palms has a buffet with salad, pasta, fruit and other things plus you can order off the menu. The pasta bar is actually really good with several sauce options as well as plenty of things you can add to it. Sometimes there is chicken or sausage at the salad bar and I add that to my pasta. I actually really miss that pasta when we are at home. Last time I talked to the wonderful lady who works at the pasta bar and she told me how they make the sauce I like so now I can make it at home.
    The Cabana Grill is open all the time but most people eat there for lunch. They have some awesome onion rings as well as cheeseburgers, hot dogs, jerk chicken sandwiches and other things. They might have a chicken sandwich too.

    Breakfast at the Palms is wonderful and I am sure he will have no problem finding something he likes. It's a huge buffet of all the favorite. I love the french toast the most but everything is good. There's a waffle station, omelet station plus a slew of other options like fruit yogurt, bacon, eggs and so much more.

    I don't know how this compares to CN but I think the options at CSA are great. I would recommend it not only for the food but also for the other reasons you have surely read about.

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    You will have plenty of great choices at both resorts! I like to try new things but my husband doesn't and no problem there. They have a great variety of things. You can get your typical American meal every night right next to a very Jamaican or exotic meal. Try Lychee restaurant. You may not think you'd like that food but it is wonderful. My husband loved it!

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    Both CN and CSA offer similar foods, as all of the Couples resorts. But you will be able to find a great assortment of foods, some that are interesting and alot that are familiar.

    We love CN - will be there the first week August - and I am a fairly picky eater and never have trouble finding wonderful things to eat.

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    Your friends will not have a problem finding anything on the menu. I was one of those people, I wanted to stay with what I know. Well once I saw the awesome food at CN, I had to try it, the duck, lamb,ceviche, all is so good. Maybe they will get adventurous enough to try something new. This is the place to do it, the food is phenominal.
    One Love,

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    I am a very picky eater and I usually live on Pickles and letuce when I travel out of the country because I am weird about my meats/foood. We just got back from CN and I ate everything! The food is wonderful, they have plenty of items to choose from and everything tasted great. The Jerk chicken at the grill is the best! Enjoy your vacation, we are already planning to return to CN 1/11/12-1/21/12. It can't come soon enough!

    Terry & Ashley

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    My husband is a selective eater and has never had a problem finding something that appeals to him during our Couples vacations. For restaurants that require a reservation, ask to see menu for the night you're planning to eat there (most have two menus that they rotate) to ensure that there's something on the menu that your friends can eat.
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    No worries .... All the resorts have plenty of basics for even picky eaters but my suggestion would be while you're there it's a great chance to try some new things that you normally wouldn't try at home. If you really don't like it, you can always order something else or get something else off the buffet but it's the perfect time to sample some new dishes .... You might find that you are more adventurous than you thought .... I still don't like curried goat or oxtail but I've tried them both ..... .

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    Hey again everybody!! Sorry about the delay in my response - computer was down for a couple weeks
    Thank u sooo much for all the info! We have chosen CN (for our first couples vacation) and will be going in early august with another couple - we are all sooo excited! Can't wait to keep cruising these boards for more suggestions! Thx again guys!

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