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    Default Dining off site in Ochos Rios while at CSS

    Hello, we were thinking of trying one of the local restaurants in Ochos Rios while at Couples San Souci. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks.

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    The Ruins. The whole place is built around a large waterfall. Its on the edge of the city near Dunn's river.

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    One place I know that is fantastic with very colorful local flavor is "Lobster Daves". It is only about 5 min. from CSS.
    Right on the water. Jeff and Mandy go every year to celebrate their anniversay. He has posted pictures of their lunch experience. Go to meet-up at couples link at top and click on Sans Souci. Then click on Jeffmon icon to view pics.
    Remember, you will have to pay for the visit. AND REMEMBER YOU CAN NOT USE RESORT CREDITS FOR THIS.LOL.
    "Once you know"

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    We always try to go out for dinner in Ocho Rios once while we are at Tower Isle. We love Lobster Dave's at Fisherman's Beach in Ocho Rios. We usually go there for lunch - Dave knows how to make lobster, fresh off the fishermen's boats.
    Last summer we went to the Almond Tree Restaurant for dinner. It's located in the Hibiscus Lodge Hotel on Main Street in Ocho Rios. I had a very good chicken dish and my husband had a delicious steak. We made reservations, but it wasn't very crowded. We sat right under the Almond Tree, outside, and listened to the tree frogs while we ate. A very pleasant and romantic dinner.
    I've heard that Evita's is very good. We haven't been there, but are thinking about it for next summer. It's Italian.
    Whereever you go, have a great time.
    Jean & Ron J

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    We have heard great things about Evita's Italian and are going to try it while there Feb 4-18, will let you know how it is!! check it out on tripadvisor

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