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    Hello everyone! Does anyone know if you have to supply your own sand for the ceremony or do you get to use sand from the beach? Most of the kits I have looked at come with sand... I would prefer Jama sand but understand if that isn't possible. Let me know if ya know!

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    I am almost 100% sure you cannot bring sand home from any island. Now that being said I do plan on putting a thin layer of sand on the bottom of my vase from the beach, then pouring the decorative sand on top of that.

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    You need to bring your own sand and have proof that you bought it in the United States. Customs will take it from you if you use sand from the beach in Jamaica.

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    I was told that you have to supply your own sand unless things have changed; I asked the same question to Debbie and that's the response I got, however, I didn't ask about using the Jama sand. Good luck!!

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