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    Default My bar room wall

    We have been to Couples Tower Isle three times. I even painted my bar room wall the way Tower Isle looked the first time we visited. 1980. I see Tower Isle every time I drink my Red Stripe beer.
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    Nice job!

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    Very nice painting. We started going there in 1995. By that time, they had the swim-up pool bar and a bathroom. If you know what to look for, you can still see the areas where those pyramid foundations were.
    I also see the island every day. But on a much smaller scale. My tattoo is on my leg.

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    wow-nice job. wish we were there

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    How lovely!!!!
    One Love,

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    You are sooo talented! That looks so good. You should enter that photo of your mural in the photo contest.
    I bet your friends all want to party at your place in the winter! You get to feel the couples vibe year round! Outstanding!

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    Where do you live and how soon can you come do my bar wall?!? LOL

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    I think an open invitation should be sent to everyone to come have a Dirty Banana next to your lovely mural!

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    I live in the Lehigh Valley. The eastern most part of Pennsylvania. You bring the Red Stripe.... I'll provide the view.

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    Default Tim n Lisa

    Do you live anywhere near Easton, can look it up. I'll paint your wall. We'll have to discuss payment.

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