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    Default @#$%^&* Snow! :-(

    Our flight from NY/JFK to CSS for tomorrow has already been canceled

    We re-booked on a "high-risk-of-cancellation" flight for Friday, and were fortunately able to get an extra night on the end at CSS (thank you!) and move the tue flight to wed.

    We're trying Jamaica! We're trying!
    Much love,
    Kenny & Wendy

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    OMG how awful! I'm glad Couples was able to accommodate you. Safe travels!

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    Well we just had the blizzard of the century here in KC
    Glad we were not trying to get to Jamaica, I don't think we would have made it

    I hope you guys got there ok
    Better late than stuck in the snow!!!


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    I take back my original comment...

    While the bad NY weather kept us from CSS for a day, it also managed to KEEP US THERE for an extra TWO days!

    We were originally scheduled Thu-Tue, then it changed Fri-Wed, and then we ended up staying Fri-Fri because we couldn't get a flight out to NY.

    Thanks 1,000,000 to Pierre and the staff for accomodating us for our two extra nights! We had an awesome vaca.

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