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    Default CSA - Feb 6th to Feb 21st

    Me and my b2b will be arriving in the next few weeks, and just wondered if there are any activities to look out for during that time?

    Im really looking forward to the gym, and getting to try the Grey Goose vodka!

    I am quite confused as to what to expect, and what activities to try during my time in Jamaica, can anyone post me a link to some of the "must try" experiences while we are there?

    My b2b is much more aware of what to do I believe, since she is the one who booked the trip!

    Also, 10am 14th February we will be tying the knot on the beach at CSA, just the 2 of us, so anyone willing to come along and be our witnesses would be appreciated (although I am sure we will make many new friends as soon as we arrive!)

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    Have you seen the activities schedule for CSA? Here is the link to it:

    There is plenty to do. You will not be bored. Also, we went parasailing one time when we were there. It was a lot of fun, and it was cheaper than here in the States. I'm sure while you're on the beach, you will meet Elvis. He is not an employee of Couples, but he can hook you up with pretty much anything. He hooked the parasailing up for us, and it was great! :O)

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    I have heard of Elvis from reading these boards, sounds like he is the go to guy when you need to try something a bit different!

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    Hi Alan H.

    My boyfriend and I will be at CSA on the 14th February, actually it will be our last night of a 10 day holiday (our first time to a Couples Resort and Jamaica). I notice you are from Arbroath, we both stay in Glasgow.

    Congratulations on your wedding. I'm sure you will probably make lots of friends and find someone you'd like to choose to be your witnesses on the day but if you are struggling for witnesses we would be happy to help. Just let us know. It's also my bf birthday on valentines day.

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    kimurphy has given good advice and directed you to the activities schedule.Of the activities you should try to do the cat cruise.It is a lot of fun.The glass bottom boat tour is okay.The tour goes to the right of the resort so you get to see some of the resorts north of the resort like sandals,Hedo etc.Bonfire on the beach is nice.The musician is excellent.Try to catch Ultimate one night in the piano bar.Take a walk down the beach.You're there for Valentine's day so that will be special and it is also your wedding day so even more special.I'm getting excited just telling you things to do because we will be there the same time as you and can't wait to do some of the same.I will certainly be watching for your wedding on the beach.I'm sure you are going to fall in love with CSA as we did a number of years ago.

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