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    Default Scotsman wearing a kilt?

    Hi everyone,

    This is a dress code question.

    Im a proud Scotsman, and intend to bring my kilt along to wear a few evenings. How does the dress code apply to this?

    The look is long sleeve shirt, black shoes and highland kilt, formal but not over the top. Any reason it wouldnt be acceptable?

    I expect to catch a bit of attention when im wearing it, but thats all part of the fun of being on vacation!

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    Its acceptable but Jamaica is hot and humid, you will bake!!!

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    Wear it and enjoy yourself, personally I think its kind of a neat idea!! Looks better than a ratty T shirt and ugly sneakers that I have seen people wear to dinner, some people look like they bring two outfits and wear them over and over LOL

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    Cool, just wear your knickers.

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    This question was raised before, and Randymon's response was that it would be acceptable and welcome.

    Two points I would like to make, however. First, I suggest that you wear it on a night when you're planning to eat in an enclosed, air-conditioned restaurant. Otherwise, you might be dressed too warmly.

    Second, if you're planning to wear a kilt b/c you want to comply with the "semi-formal" dress code, you should know that the dress code is not semi-formal as the FAQs indicate. In the U.S., "semi-formal" for men means a suit, and there is no suit or jacket requirement for men at any of the Couples Resorts. The dress code, even at its strictest, is casual. If you're planning to wear a kilt simply b/c you like to wear it, however, then by all means, do so.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Absolutely wear it!! It's totally accceptable, and you'll make a lot of new friends.

    We saw a Scot get married in his kilt at CN. He appeared to be very hot, but he looked great!! Everyone complimented him on it.

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    How fun - you'll be fine! I have mixed heritage - so sometimes I wear my Cherokee indian headdress, and sometimes my Norwegian Viking horns.

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    Go for it!! Any man brave enough to wear a ...ahem... skirt (LOL) will never be turned away!! As long as you wear it true Scots style!

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    I don't see it as being a problem since it is dress attire in Scotland..

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    I think you would be fine but you might be a little hot while outside. If you go into the restaurants that are air conditioned you would probably be fine. I tend to get chilly and wear a light sweater in those because they keep them very cold.

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    I think you would be fine from a dress code stand point but hot! Aren't those things made of wool? I realize you have built in AC but still with the humidity I don't think it would be very comfortable.


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    I've seen a few men in kilts at CN. It was part of a wedding party and was mid-day (they were melting).

    Evening will give you a slight respite from the temperature but not much.

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    Sounds like what i expected, the kilt is quite a lightweight one, so i can expect the heat in the evening, but its nothing I havent experienced before.

    As for the viking horns, i was planning on bringing some Mel Gibson 'Braveheart' facepaints, but i expect that wouldnt go down too well at dinner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theyamons View Post
    How fun - you'll be fine! I have mixed heritage - so sometimes I wear my Cherokee indian headdress, and sometimes my Norwegian Viking horns.
    Now that's funny!!!

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    I've seen men in kilts at CN before .... Not a problem .... ENJOY & try not to roast.

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    we actually took this picture last May at CN. It was very hot, but what a beautiful weddining. Hopefully they will take your wedding pics fast.

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    Alan H ...great idea, Remember.."it's a kilt, if you wear anything under it, it's a skirt"

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    Default Kilt

    As a fllow Scot, albeit one who has lived in Canada for many, many years, I would definitely agree that a kilt is acceptable, whether formal or informal.

    We are renewing our vows at CSS in October (30 years), I will definitely have my kilt and as per my user name, the sound of bagpipes will fill the Jamaican air (for a short period of time!!)

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