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    Default Arriving in MoBay a day b4 CTI & other Q's

    Our Couples CTI vaca doesn't start until the 12th of March, but we are arriving in Mobay on the 11th to spend the nite on the strip. My question is: how early can we arrive CTI before check-in the next day and will we have trouble getting back into/thru the airport to get to the couples lounge? Here's another one: has anyone been to 'Glistening Waters/Luminous Lagoon' in Falmouth? We are thinking about going there the night of our vow renewals...And how would you go about arranging transpo to and from there & CTI (we've heard it's about a 45 min to an hr journey/ $$$??). Anyone....?

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    I don't know that it's possible to get back to the Couples lounge once you leave the airport. You should call 1800Couples and ask them about transport from Montego Bay to CTI. We've checked into Couples as early as 11am, but we did have to leave our bags at the front desk and keep ourselves busy until our room was ready (no problem!) Someone else asked about Luminous Lagoon recently, so if you do a thread search for "luminous" or "lagoon" it should come up. Sounds fun - hope you have a blast and that everything goes off without a hitch!

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    You won't be allowed back into the airport to get to the Couples lounge. You'll have to check in with security outside the arrival area and they will have the Couples rep come out and talk to you. You will have to wait outside for the shuttle. To me, it was fairly annoying as it took 35-40 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up but since we transferred from another resort, we really didn't have much of a choice. (We weren't willing to pay for a private transfer.)

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    You can choose to arrive at the resort at any time you want. Your room will likely not be ready until in the afternoon so just be sure you have easy access to your beachwear. You can eat, sit at the pool or the beach, do whatever you want you just won't have your room.

    As far as getting back into the Couples can't. There have actually been several threads here lately on this very topic and some folks have contacted their Couples resort directly before they left home and arranged for their transportation, that seems to be the most efficient.

    There was also a thread recently about Glistening a search for Luminous Lagoon or even Glistening Waters and you'll find it. All the info you seek is there I think.

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