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    Default Dunns River question

    If you don't want to climb the falls, is it still worth going? I've had back surgeries and heard if you can't climb quickly, not to try because they pull you along at a fast pace.


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    you can walk along the path on the side of the falls, if you're into that kind of thing then sure go. if not, stay and drink

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    Hello Kim, We have just returned from couples Negril and we went on a trip to Dunns River. Due to a major op I am not very fit and I was worried that I would have to sit and wait for the others to come back and tell me how brilliant the falls were as I wasn't able to climb up the falls. But that was not the case!! You can do what they call the dry walk which goes up beside the falls and you get to see it all!! It is pretty spectacular and I am so glad that I did it. You can go at your own pace and you will reach the top before those who are actually in the falls!It is well worth going so Enjoy!!

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    We've done it twice and had people in our group that couldn't do the climb. There's a place at the mid-point of the climb where people hang out and wade in the water. It's really a beautiful place to see even if you don't do the climb. They really don't make you climb quickly but it is a physical challenge.

    Bart & Bug

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