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    Default Rainy weather credit??

    We are planning to purchase travel insurance for our trip to CN later this year....just in case of hurricane or any unforseen issues. But was wondering if you get any sort of credit by the resort if it rains the whole time you are there? I know that is highly unlikely, but that would be awful.

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    It is AWFUL!! I took the family to another resort 4 years ago and we couldn't get in the water the ENTIRE 5 days. It wasn't the resort's fault, it was just bad timing and I have learned about timing the visit better after that experience. We had a great time regardless, but we go there for the sun and water too and it just didn't happen that trip. I didn't know there was anything you could do about it am am curious what gets posted as a response.

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    I don't see why the resort should put out credits because of something they can't control like rain. It's not their fault if it rains.

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    Really? Why would any resort give credits for rainy weather. That is the risk you take when going on vacation.

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    No worries if it rains...seriously a rainy week in JA is better than any nice day at home. Jump in the swim up bar and enjoy...your wet away! No credits for rain, but they do pour extra strong drinks during the rain so they don't get watered down too much! The rain in JA is just liquid sunshine! Relax and enjoy!

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    It is unlikely but depending on when you are going it could happen...last fall was a bit rainy. But no credit for rain, hurricane only. Your insurance likely won't offer you a refund for just rain either.

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    Why is it the resorts fault if it rains?
    I was on vacation at CN last year right after hurricane Nicole came through. I heard people saying on MULTIPLE occasions how they wanted a "refund" on the days it rained to staff members. I thought it was TACKY. Just my humble opinion.

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    At the risk of sounding blunt...."are you kidding me?"
    Do you really think the resort is responsible for the weather?
    My God, there would be a lot of people getting a credit, if that were the case.
    We were at Couples Sans Souci Dec. 4th - Dec. 17th - and it rained pretty well the whole time we were there. In fact, one of the days was the coldest day Jamaica has ever gotten. Out of 13 days, we probably had maybe 4-5 half decent days.
    The resort is certainly not responsible for that. Just bad luck.

    We are already booked for Couples Negril for the very same timeframe 2011. Fingers crossed I come home with a tan

    It was our first time to a Couples - even though the weather was awful, it was one of our very best vacations - the resort, the staff and the amazing!
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    If the weather is so bad you can't do any watersports or excursions, you're probably going to eat and drink more than normal. Maybe resorts should add on a "rainy day surcharge."

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
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    REH, I totally agree with you...

    We spent 12/11-12/18 at CTI, it rained everyday and we saw the sun for maybe 2-3hrs total all week. I would NEVER ask for a credit or refund because of rain. Sure, we didn't go home with a tan but we had a great relaxing time and we did several off-site excursions (including zipline in a down pour) which in the past we passed on because we didn't want to lose a beach day. We too made the best of bad luck and had a wonderful vacation.

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    hey saas2001 go with the insurance if you are concerned. If you fear the rain will ruin the trip then this is your best bet. I know of ski area hotels that give you a discount if there is no snow... so this is not as silly a question as some people on this board want to suggest. (..."are you kidding me?"...REH... give me a break !).... it is good question and you deserve a polite answer!

    Hope you enjoy your trip, my girlfriend and I are heading to CSS at the end of March.

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    Too funny! Don't go to the tropics if your afraid some rain will spoil your vacation. We're on viits 9 & 10 this year and yes, we've had some rain but never has it spoiled our vacation. It's a good time to make new freinds as everyone goes to the bar.

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    If you look at the rates for different seasons, the "rainy" season is the least that is the chance you take when you get the reduced rate. But, that does not mean is will be a guarantee it WILL rain, just a better chance to happen more often then in the late winter/early spring. We have always traveled to the Caribbean the first week of May as it is our anniversary, always sunny, pleasant that time of year, as well as the rates dropping from the winter travelers.

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    I love, love, love sitting in the hot tub when it rains!! People usually congregate in the swim up pool bar and the hot tubs!!! We are loving the bingo on days when it rains, Heck anything is fun in the rain in Jamaica!!!! Don't worry, some people on this board just need to relax and give some people a break about the question they ask. It's all good !!
    One Love,

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    The good thing about rain in Jamaica, is that it is usually warm anyway. So even with the rain, you can still sit on the beach or in the pool, play pool volleyball, beach volleyball.....most of the things you can do, you can do in the rain....granted, it does affect the tan, but then, maybe that will be better for you in the long run. (Just kidding...after we go to Jamaica, we ALL want to look like we've been in the tropics, not in the winter.) I don't believe they give credits unless there is a hurricane. The rain is a great way to meet other people sitting around too. You'll have fun no matter what...enjoy.

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    Yikes - I'm so glad some people chimed in there at the end with considerate responses! Maybe the frigid temps in the States and Canada are making people grumpy (?) Also, many people made comments about the rain being out of anyone's control - but so are hurricanes, and most other things covered by travel insurance...

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    I cannot believe that someone could possibly try to receive a credit due to weather. If that's the case, I can remember several years at Couples with 8 days of pure sunshine, and some folks got a pretty bad sunburn. Are they also entitled to this "Credit" ?????

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    There actually is another chain that offers a "sunshine guarantee". If the sun does not come out AT ALL during a day you are given a voucher for that day's value to use w/in a year (I received one before, so I know it's true !!).

    So, it's not that crazy of a question !!

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    A rainy day in Jamaica at Couples is better than a sunny day at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vickyj View Post
    a rainy day in jamaica at couples is better than a sunny day at work.
    exactly right!

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    We were in Jamaica one January when we had a rainy afternoon. I decided to use the time to work out in the gym. When I returned to my group of inlaws they were sitting in the hot tub singing songs to the Sound of Music. Of course they had taken advantage of all the wonderful drinks provided. We decided it was wonderful weather because back home we wouldn't be sitting around outside in our swimsuits. That is why I love going in the winter.

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    I wonder if it will rain in the Tropics...hmmmm...

    Seriously, folks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickyj View Post
    A rainy day in Jamaica at Couples is better than a sunny day at work.
    Ya Mon !

    This thread is funny.

    Life is good

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    A little patience with the orginial poster would seem polite. It is not an unreasonable question. There are some chains in Jamaica that offer a Sunshine Guarantee in which if the sun does not shine all day (the key here is ALL DAY) then you can ask for and receive a credit for one day on a future trip. So lets not act like the original poster is asking a crazy question.
    The answer is ofcourse that while Couples is still the very best chain to choose for your vacation they do not offer this. What you need to know about this though is that the resorts that offer this can almost always find a minute when the sun was out... often while everyone was asleep. It is a guarantee looks good on paper, but in reality is not that big a deal. Just go to Couples and have fun! If it rains... relax, snuggle, take any one of the great sugggestions given above in this thread for a rainy day. A rainy day at Couples is better than a sunny day at a lesser resort!

    Maybe the lesson here is to be respectful of others and check your facts before talking down to them in the replies.

    Have a great trip!
    Dang... 155 Days until CN... but that means I still have it to look forward to!
    Respect and good travels-
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    I went to a resort that did have a "sunshine guarantee" so it is not a stupid question at all.
    I know a fews other resorts that do too but none as great as Couples!

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