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    I have recently read a review that suggests the resort does not have a buffet option at lunch. I understand from the resort website that The Palms offers a buffet lunch. Can anyone confirm this is still available?

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    Last year the Palms was still a buffet restaurant for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. I cannot imagine it has changed. Although our favorite place to eat breakfast is Patois Patio. Make sure you have some breakfast there. Their breakfasts are delicious, especially the Banana Stuffed French Toast. Yummy!!! :O)

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    Yes the Palms has a buffet lunch and is very good! There are many options at other places at the resort so don't limit yourself! Whenyou R REAL hungry, eat at the buffet, if not Se Grapes on the beach has wonder grouper I'm getting musef hungry and we won't return untill Dec!

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    When we were there in October there was a buffet option for all three meals.

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    The Palms had it last April, I'm sure they still do. Try the Red Snapper! Excellent!!!

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    It was buffet at the Palms for lunch when we were there in December.

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    The Palms always has a buffet. I think to may be able to order special dishes as well but I'm not sure. The buffet is very good and I usually hate them. The breakfast buffet is great.

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    We were just there a few weeks ago and yes they still have the incredible buffet at lunch.

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    When we were there last year The Palms offered a buffet for breakfast and lunch.

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    Default Buffet lunch at the Palms

    We have been coming to Swept Away for the last 7 years and a buffet lunch has always been available at the Palms daily.

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    Default Buffet lunch at the Palms

    The only thing I miss is they used to serve Jerk Chicken sandwiches at Sea Grapes. They stopped when they opened the grill at the Great House.

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    Palms has a lunch buffet. just got back and glad to see the sandwich station brought back

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    yes there is lunch buffet at Palms. Just got back and glad to see the sandwich station was brought back since our previous visit

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