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    Default Questions about CSA in May

    We will be there May 22-28 and can't wait!!! I know it's hard to say for certain but is it usually pretty crowded that time year? I don't want the resort to be a ghost town but not having to fight for a beach chair is always a good thing. Sadly we will not be able to enjoy lobster while we are there but I read that they have substitute items on the menu. Anyone know what these might be?

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    No its not packed in May, not empty, but not packed. May is our usual month to go, we'll be there May 20th to the 29th. Plenty of beach chairs & sunshine. Typically rains a little in the late afternoon or at nights but thats the norm for the tropics.

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    You'll never have to fight for a beach chair and it will never feel crowded even if they are at capacity so no worries.

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    You're killing me here... wish we could join you two again this year... but we have to settle for October...

    Keep working on that pose... looking good, but it wasn't the beach!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    hey Chris, we're gonna miss youze guys too, not even sure if Cornell & Lisa are gonna make it in May, we'll hold down the fort though. I'm sure we'll be trash talkin over the super bowl, us against youze, thats funny. Take care my friend.

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    Hey Chris, we'll be there in October too! about 8 and a half months left... the wait is killing me.

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