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    I recently had a wonderful time at Swept Away...great food, met some awesome people.
    I did get bitten a bit & when i returned home I found out I had a skin parasite. This happens everywhere so I wasn' t upset with Couples...but when we tried to call and email to find out how to treat this lovely bug we were completely ignored.
    This is not ok. A resort needs to be responsible and caring, especially one who prides themselves on repeat business.
    Completely unimpressed with a resort that ignores requests for information on a skin parasite that i know for a fact you have treated before in other guests.
    Swept Away fails miserably in this regard.

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    My advice: go see a doctor. Resort personnel are not legally competent to dispense medical advice.

    While the on-call doctor might be able to diagnose your condition if he or she SAW you, no doctor would diagnose your condition over the phone or via email.

    I contracted a bacteria while in Jamaica a few years ago and ended up in the hospital. The infectious disease specialist who treated me didn't need to call Couples to figure out how to treat me. Couples is not a medical care provider; only doctors are legally authorized to diagnose and prescribe a treatment modality. Expecting lay people to do so is ridiculous.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Why would CSA know about a skin parasite??? They are a resort, not a hospital. Wouldn't you go to a doctor to find out this information??? You could have gotten this "bug" anywhere, and I don't see why you are upset with Couples!!!! More than likely you got bitten by "sand fleas", which can be everywhere and they will go away on their own!!!

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    What do you mean how to treat it? Didn't your doctor know?

    I'm going to say if Couples starting handing out medical advice they would be putting themselves at great risk, they are a caribbean resort not a medical facility.

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    Really? You want a resort to tell you how to treat a skin parasite? I was quite confused about your question until I saw you were from Canada, now I understand. Gotta love the socialized medicine. It is probably over a year long wait to see a dermatologist up there.

    Anyway, google is your friend. Just google skin parasite jamaica and you will find your answer. You may need to get a prescription for some cream/ointment but I do not think Couples writes prescriptions either.

    These skin parasites usually happen when an animal (usually a dog) craps in the sand. If the sand stays moist the parasites in the poo stay alive. Then a person either lays down in the sand or lays a towel right on top of the sand and the parasites find a new host in your skin.

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    Why in the world would you call a resort and ask how to treat a skin parasite. To me, that's just crazy to expect them to answer this question. Why don't you go see a doctor? That's what I would do; I would never call the resort and ask how to treat it. Here in the States, even a doctor would not give you medical advice without having seen you first, and I can guarantee you no hotel would for liability reasons. Maybe I'm missing more to this post? But it seems absurd to me.

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    That's too bad. Did you get it cleared up? When we were there in April we got bitten like crazy. You couldn't even see individual bites in most of the places, it was just huge welts covering entire areas of our body. They were everywhere. Whatever was biting us must have gotten in our luggage because even though I was careful to leave everything outside and wash everything, we were still getting these bites for months after we returned. I never saw any bugs or anything though. We eventually got rid of it after calling an exterminator three times because they just kept coming back. I don't know what they were. I told my husband that I didn't want to know, I just wanted them gone.

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