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    Default What if it rains???

    Sandals have a rain guarantee that if it rains on your big day they`ll move your wedding day at no extra charge, do Couples also have this in place?

    47 days woop woop

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    I think I read once before that they would provide other accommodations if there was inclement weather, but I couldn't find anythink on the FAQ about it. Here is what it says about changing times: "Is it possible to change the time of my ceremony and is there a charge? We can change the time of your wedding but this is based on availability and certain conditions apply." I'm sure it is just based on availability. I would e-mail Debbie and ask her. :O

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    It rained on our wedding day and they allowed us to move our time back to allow it to pass. As an option they had other locations where we could have gotten married instead of at the wedding gazebo (CSS). We were blessed in that the rain lifted and we had sunshine for our wedding.

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    It rained on my day as well (10/9/10) and we were given the option to wait until the next day or change locations, but I'm glad we didn't because it rained even worse at the time we would have gotten married on 10/10/10. I think the day we got married there were 3 other ceremonies, all earlier so they weren't affected. The next day there were 3 ceremonies, and they were able to fit their ceremonies in, between the rain...

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