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    We will have a couple massage at the spa but wondered what facilities they have that we could use on a daily basis that are free, like a hot tub or plunge pool.

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    Hot tubs plunge pool and steam rooms.

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    There is a steam room on the men's and women's sides. They have a plunge pool that I never saw anyone in. It is a quiet area, but there's a juice bar. I used the pool to close my pores up again after a steam and particulalry then with hot skin, found it freezing! They have 2 hot tubs, one of the women's side and one on the men's (more hidden). After 7 pm when the spa closes they become co-ed and you can sit in them together. Bring your own towels then, as the basket of towels is put away for the night... and please people, use plastic glasses. I hated seeing glass wine glasses next to the hot tub.

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    There are hot tubs (one for women, one for men) and after 7pm you can use them co-ed. There is a plunge pool with a buddha on one end and I just read that there are steam rooms. It really pretty and modern over there. You will really like it.

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