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    Default Dressing up for dinner??

    Hi, I have searched as best I can on what people wear in the evening although you cannot seem to search the old message board, which limits the results.

    All the discussions on the subject seem to focus on what you can get away with on the bottom end of the scale, but I quite like the idea of dressing up as it is our honeymoon! Does anyone have photos of what they wore in the evening at the dressier restaurants? I am trying to pack but don't want to be overdressed ina cocktail dress!!

    Thanks in advance,


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    One thing I learned after several trips - it's easy to overpack! You only need ONE dinner outfit for each day. You are literally in your bathing suit from breakfast until dinner. When we honeymooned at CTI in 2002, I WAY overpacked!

    Here are some pictures of how we dress each night for dinner. Hope this helps!
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    My wife usually wore a sundress or capris with a nice top. Depending on when you go, it can still be warm and humid at night, so having something that breathes is nice. I've seen some wearing cocktail dresses, but totally not necessary. But having a special dress for Feathers or the Private Dinner is nice, at least my wife always seems to pull something new out of teh bag for that.

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    Yes, dress up!!! It can have an incredible effect on your romance with your spouse when you pull something sexy and provacative out of your suitcase to wear to dinner! My husband just loves it when I dress up! You're going there for romance, so why would you wear something that you can wear back home to a picnic? Make your time at Couples special. You don't have to spend a lot - just go to someplace like Ross and get a couple of cheap cocktail dresses and jazz it up with heels and cheap jewelry and make yourself feel sexy!

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    Dress up girlfriend. Take advantage of getting your sexy on, no kid, no work... I love dressing up. Nothing crazy, a short cocktail dress lil heels and something sexy underneath.
    We make it a game, a few weeks before we leave Steve is given an assignment to pick me out an outfit he wants to see me in. Granny panties are NOT on that list We all love a lil attention every now and again

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    As a man I bring eleven Hawiian shirts for 10 days , 2 pairs of linen pants and one pair closed toe shoes. for the days it is b-suit and t-shirt

    women, you are on your own

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    There is nothing better than dressing up and feeling beautiful. I say GO FOR IT!!!

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    A cocktail dress is perfect:

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    Thanks for all the support- I think I will take some nice dresses for the most formal restaurants.

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