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    Has anyone who has traveled to CSA more than once had a first and second floor oceanfront? It really seems to me that second floor would lose a ton of the experience. Of course they won't promise where your room will be since then they wouldn't be able to book the 2cnd floor rooms.

    I have stayed at CSA before have always had first floor beachfront rooms.

    I am going to propose on this trip and want nothing left to chance. I hate to think of going somewhere else, I love CSA, but this is a HUGE issue for me. I have spent months planning this and don't think I can risk decreasing her experience at all.

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    Not everyone prefers the ground floor. We certainly don't. We found the ground-floor room to offer less privacy.
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    The times I've been to CSA I've always stayed beachfront as well. However, I've always been on the second and third floors and actually requested these floors upon arrival. The reason I prefer the upper floors is to sleep with the doors open to listen to the waves crash on the beach. I think that no matter which floor you end up on she will have a great experience, especially since you will be proposing.

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    I haven't had second floor oceanfront rooms but I have had second and first floor BFS and atriums. I actually prefer the second floor because it's more private, the view is better and there was about 1/100 the number of bugs. Maybe in the newer section that isn't a problem since you have all the glass but in the atriums that we had on the first floor there were SOOOOO many bugs everywhere. I didn't mind them on the floor or wall but they were all over the bed too and I hated that. I guess they hang out on the first floor because of the easy access.

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    My wife and I had a 2nd floor beachfront suite in 09, and a 1st floor BF suite in 10. We preferred the 2nd floor. It's just as big, and the fact that it had a cathedral-type ceiling made it seem even larger. We loved sitting up in our balcony and watching people go by in their evening outfits.

    Either way, you'll have a wonderful room. Best wishes and congratulations on your upcoming marriage. You are doing it at the right place!

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    I actually prefer 2nd or 3rd floor rooms for the privacy. Just ask when you check in and even though one might not be available that day, I'll bet they would move you if you wanted one when it opened up.

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    I prefer 1st floor, have had 2nd...can't see through the palms, 3rd is ok...I like to be able to walk right off the balcony. I'll be requesting a first floor when we go for sure.
    Erika & Sean

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