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    Default First time -- just booked!! And now with questions :)

    Hello everyone!

    We just booked our first trip to Couples for March 8-14 (secret rendezvous... I'm SO excited to find out where we're going!). I've been reading this site religiously for a few months, and now that we're planning the trip, I have a few questions that you can hopefully answer

    - Anyone have thoughts, musings (or the inside scoop) on how SR works in high season when the resort sells out? i.e. do they set aside a number of the basic rooms for SR and then sell the remaining rooms... OR would they sell any and all rooms until the number of rooms available = number of SR ...? I'm curious because I noticed CN is already sold out when we're going, and most of the other resorts only have ocean view or bedroom suites available... so I'm crossing my fingers we'll get an upgrade (but I'm not holding my breath either lol)

    - I only have one or two coverups at the moment, so I'm thinking about either getting more before I leave or getting them at a store in Jamaica. Does anyone know whether it's worth buying up here in Canada vs down in Jamaica? We're spending a few days "off resort" in Negril before coming to Couples, so I could easily hit up a non-resort store, if that would be the best price.

    - Buying Jamaican Rum to bring home.... Where are the best prices? Off-resort store, resort gift shop, airport....?

    - I plan to take the scuba refresher (I'm an "every two years" diver I was wondering whether you can either book it ahead of time or even the same day you arrive, so you can do a regular dive the following day.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I believe they sell all the rooms they can, wherever they can, and then fill the rest up with SR guests. If CN is sold out then I do not believe you will be going to CN unless someone cancels or doesn't show.

    We have bought rum at the airport and thought the price was pretty good.

    You usually book scuba for the next day but if there is enough room you might be able to sign up for that day. If you want to do an informal refresher they will usually let you hop in the pool and get acclimated whenever there is someone available to help you out. They will likely let you do that the same day depending on when you arrive and then you can dive the next day. They also might just let you get caught up prior to the dive the next day.

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    SR is going to be like a run-of-house concept at a hotel except you have a shot at any resort any room. You will get what's left over and that's why you get notified so soon before your departure...a week they can have the opportunity to allow folks choosing and paying for specific rooms to do so. The SR folks get filled-in to the holes that are left just before their scheduled arrival dates and that's why you get such a good deal. If you have the personality to be so flexible it's really a great deal...I'm not one with that personality and I admire those of you that are.

    Buy your rum at the airport while you are waiting to catch your flight home.

    One cover-up would likely not be enough, probably still be damp the next day if you put it over a wet swim suit. Two would get you by. I like to have at least three but I have so many I like and really the majority of your hours are spent in your beach wear so that's the type of clothing I tend to pack most. As far as buying some in Jamaica, in October I really noticed more wraps than cover-ups in the shops. Cute, cute, cute but it just depends what you are looking for whether you want to get another one before you leave.

    I don't believe you can book your refresher course before you arrive but if the dive shop is still open when you arrive you can certainly go down and make the arrangements...depends what time you get in. Is there a dive shop in your area at home where you could take it so you are ready to do your diving when you arrive? We are like you, not regular enough divers that we need a refresher and we do it here at home since it's just pool work and then we are good to go when we get to Jamaica.

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    Buy rum at the airport. And only buy the stuff you cannot get in the US (rum cream!). I never waste space with things like appleton vx. I can get that at home.

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    Iacouple, you are so right. Rum cream rocks!

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