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    Default CSS single digit dance! Finally!

    Everybody dance now!! The temperature on Cape Cod is 7 degrees today but we don't care because we can now officially do the "single digit dance"! This mb has gotten us through the looong wait, but what a fun ride it has been. We love gazing at everyone's shared photos, reviews and videos. Does anyone have more fun than couples guests in anticipation of their trip? I think not.

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    We are dancing with you! Toronto here...being married this Saturday then heading to CSS on Sunday Morning....we'll 'prepare' the staff for your arrival and have the parade ready to go!!

    Laura & Morgan

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    Yay! I love a parade!!! Congratulations on your wedding!!! We will toast you both when we arrive in paradise the following Thursday. We are practicing our Jamaican patois phrases so prepare the staff for lots of laughs mon. What do you call more than one mongoose? De mongoose dem.
    Sue & Dick

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    I was doing my happy dance around the kitchen last night!! 8 days for us till two amazing weeks in Paradise!!
    See you all on the beach!

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