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    Default CSA at Christmas

    Please give me your feedback if you have stayed at CSA on Christmas Day. Just wondering what goes on. We have to move our trip to this timeframe. I have to convince my hubby that Christmas would be really special in Jamaica and at CSA. Help. I appreciate all the comments!

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    In truth, any day in Jamaica is special. However, yes, we arrived at CSA on Christmas Day several years ago and stayed through New Year's Eve. Depending on where you are coming from, it's either really exciting NOT to see snow on Christmas and have a wonderful tropical breeze or just nice to be away from all the tourists who are running away from that same snow. Go to CSA for Christmas; it will be one of the best ones you've ever had!
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    We go then also, I can't think of a BETTER time to are some pictures of CSA at Christmas.
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    Default Thanx for comments/pictures-CSA at Christmas

    [COLOR="Teal"]Thanx for the comments and WandA - especially the pictures! That will convince my hubby - I had to giggle when I saw the staff having so much fun! They're away from their families on Christmas and making sure that the guests have a fantastic time. They are truly what makes Couples so special. It's the best Christmas present we can spend on each other.

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    Hi. I too am thinking about going at Christmas and e-mailed Couples to see what they had to say and this is their response:

    At Couples Swept Away, for Christmas, there is a spectacular dinner party followed by a carol service. For New Years Eve, there is a pre-dinner cocktail party, an elaborate buffet and a party with great musical performances.

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