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    Default Reggae Music

    Hey all! Just wondering what some great reggae music is that you recommend. I want to get songs on my ipod that will get me in the tropical/relaxation mood and need some recommendations! Thanks

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    Default Reggae

    When it comes to Reggae, there is Bob Marley and then there is everyone else. A good C.D. is Live At The Roxy. Just a few songs; Three Little Birds, Exodus, Red Red Wine, Lime in the Coconut, Buffalo Soldier, Easy Skankin, Rat Race. I Should just say anything Bob Marley. Did I mention Bob Marley(lol). Cool Runnings.

    One Love.

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    I agree with Mark. Pick up some Bob Marley immediately! If you do want some variety you can also go with some Damian Marley (his Family Time album, although targeted to kids, is fantastic) and some Mishka. Xavier Rudd is also fairly decent for an island vibe.

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    Anything by Beres Hammond, Garnet Silk, Jimmy Cliff, Bunny (Wailer) Livingston, Peter Tosh, The Mighty Diamonds, Luciano to name a few.

    Duane Stephenson - Cottage in Negril

    Buju Banton for off the wall.

    Bob Marley is king.

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    I agree with everyone else, Bob is the king of regea. The Bob Marley, Legends album will give you most of Bob's popular songs but it leaves out a few that I love. One Drop is one of the songs left out. Toots and the Maytals have some seriously good regae also, so you might check them out to.

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    Bob is still my favorite, but there is so much more great reggae out there. Google "Top 100 Reggae Artists."

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    A few of the songs above aren't even Marley songs. Try Dennis Brown, Toots and the Maytals, Peter Tosh, Barrington Levy, and Greg Issacs. As for newer reggae which is a little different than the old stuff, try 3 of his kids (Damian, Stephen and Julian). He has other kids that sing as well but these are the best. S

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    Accidentally hit post.... Stick figure, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Mishka, Iration, Tribal Seeds, Ookla, Wailing Souls, Steel Pulse. There are too many too name. Check out the reggae radio stations on Pandora and Slacker. Or XM the joint.

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    Bob Marley is my #1 choice. I alos like Beres Hammond and Taurus Riley.

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    Default Here's a few

    "Try Jah Love" by Graham BlVD
    "Jump and Move" by the brand new heavies
    "No woman, No cry" the live version by Bob Marley
    "Now That We've Found Love" by Third World

    Anything from Bob Marley "legend" or "Exodus" albums

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    Default Reggae Recommendation

    A favorite of mine is Bushman...and I highly recommend his "Higher Ground" CD.

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    You have many choices if you want to get into the tropical mood. I enjoy Mento (a style of Jamaican folk music), roots reggae, ska, dub, and even a little dancehall from time to time.

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    Off the beaten path, try "Girlie,Girlie" by Sophia George and " Somebody Loves You Honey" by J.C Lodge. There are obviously tons more, but these are so typical Reggae and so good.

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    Also look at Ainsworth Rose, Michael Frantinni and Spearhead, and maybe the Johnny Island Reggae Group, just to name a few........
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    Ziggy Marley "Take Me To Jamaica"

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    As a fan of older Jamaican music I enjoy Desmond Dekker, The Rhythm Master Glen Brown, King Tubby, John Holt, Don Drummond, The Tennors. For that tropical vibe, I like Mento.

    Bob Marley is the undisputed king, but listen around as there are many, many layers to Jamaican music, all of which are great in their own ways.

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    King of Reggae in Jamaica=Bob Marley
    next would be Dennis Brown

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    And if you want some modern reggae, in addition to the Marley sons (and Bushman, who was also mentioned above) I suggest Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica, Luciano, Morgan Heritage (Peter Morgan also has a nice new solo album out), Jah Cure, Etana, Chino, Protoje, I-Octane, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Sean Paul, Collie Buddz, and Gyptian (his new album, Hold You, will definitely get you in the tropical mood and it is relaxing!)


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    How soon are you leaving? If you have time one thing you could do is listen to Pandora and figure out what you like. I was stuck on a few artists until we each stated a Pandora reggae station on our computers and now I can't believe how many I was never aware of and enjoy.

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    Oh,my... so many options... Gregory Isaacs, who we lost this year, had a number of great reggae successes. Looking at my collection, gee... I've got everyone from Rasta Ralph (yes, THAT Rasta Ralph) to Dennis Brown to Jah Messenger to Jimmy Cliff to Judy Mowatt, and yes, Bob Marley (and his talented family).

    To test your tastes, you might try listening to "The Joint" on Sirius Radio, or check any of the numerous online radio stations, such as 1FM, Pandora, etc. Give a listen to many, use 'em as a guide to buy.

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    You should look into Chaka Demus & Pliers who are popular all through the islands. Their songs like Murder She Wrote and Tease Me not to mention a great remake of the Beatles Twist and Shout will wisk you away to Jamaica. Ya Mon...Iree.

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    Some of my favorite artists are Wailing Souls, Beres Hammond, Burning Spear. Also enjoy Ziggy Marley and Shaggy.

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    jscrad - thanks for the recommendation, I'm lovin' Bushman!

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