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Thread: Tennis at CSS

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    Default Tennis at CSS

    My wife is a big tennis player. Our last visit was to CN. She loved the tennis program there.

    Can anyone tell me what the tennis program is like at CSS. Do they have the same kind of instructions and matches as CN.

    We are planning a return next November and the tennis program will be part of the decision on where to go.

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    Default Look at SweptAway

    If you want tennis, you want to consider SweptAway. The tennis complex is amazing and there are three on-staff pros as well as a weekly visiting pro. The participation in clinics and round robins is tremendous...all ages and levels of ability. We've yet to find a resort anywhere that equals SweptAway for tennis!

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    Thanks Topspin

    Swept Away sure looks like the best for tennis.

    We want to check out the other end of the island this trip.

    Anyone else have any tennis experience at San Souci??

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