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    Hi..... So once again I am asking for advice. This time on golf. We would like to go golfing one day and will be staying at CSA, we don't really know where to go or if we should pack our clubs. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks a bunch!!!! I can't wait to feel the sand underneath my feet... 85 days and counting!!!


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    Negril Hills is a goat ranch. If you play - rent clubs. Smart move is to stay on the beach.

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    Robin - Negil Hill is a 15 minute ride from CSA. There are two shuttles that go from CN/CSA daily. They leave CN at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM and stop by CSA shortly.

    Couples covers the green fees as part of the overall Couples experience, but you are still responsible for caddie fees, caddie tip and cart if you so desire.

    The course is very hilly, and the view is beautiful.

    I cannot remember the rates for club rentals. I think that they are in the range of $20.00

    If you have the space(weight), I would recommend bringing your own clubs - who knows, you may want to golf more than one round.


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    If I were golfing one day I would not take golf clubs to Jamaica! If I were going to play several times I would, but not to sneak in a round of golf. I have played Negril Hills many times but always with my own clubs.
    On my upcoming trip I will play once or twice and am planning to rent clubs. I have emailed the course asking for info about the cost of renting and the types of clubs but they don't seem to bother answering any emails. My memory is that is was around $20 -$25 to rent for 18 holes.
    If I ever get an answer I'll post it here.
    Have fun!

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    My wife and I played negril hills a couple of weeks ago, and had a great time. We were picked up from CSA at 8am and after playing 9 holes the first day we were back on the beach by 12:30. WE did bring our own clubs so could not say about the rentals they offer. We did talk to a couple of guys that said they were okay rentals. We got the cart and were glad we did as it was hot and hilly. We had one caddy (Joan) for the two of us and she was great. We are planning to go back in Mar. and will definetly golf again.

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    My husband played twice when we were there in Dec.The clubs were between $20-40 depending on the quality of the set you rent. The total for the day was about $70 as you have to pay to rent a cart and then also tip your caddy. You don't have to rent a cart but there is alot of walking and hills. The caddy you have no matter what. He played 18 holes both times and left from CN at 8am and returned about 1:30.

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    I have played at Negril Hills for the last 7 years. Some years the course is in better condition than others. A lot depends on how much rain they have had. The course is short but very hilly and the greens are very tricky. Depend on your caddie for putting advice. If you're only playing once I would recommend you rent clubs. I usually play 4 or 5 times during my stay so I bring my own clubs.

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