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    Default Special nights at the resorts

    We have been to each of the resorts and are planning a return trip in December. We are not sure where to book and cannot remember on which night the special events take place at each resort. Can anyone please refresh our memory? We are most interested in CSS, CTI, and CN. Who knows, we may even try the Secret Rendevous!
    Thank you in advance.

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    What special events are you referring to?

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    At CSS the Beach party is Tuesday, Repeaters Dinner on Thursday and Gala on Friday.

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    Can't speak for the other resorts but CSS has their Starlight Gala on Friday evening, the Beach Party on Tuesdays, lobster night on Wed. (except March through June), and the Repeater's Dinner on Thursday night. They offer Trading Places on Mon/Wed/Fri, Dunn's River Sat thru Thur., and the Margaritaville trip on Mon and Tue night at 11pm. And, the Spa is open daily 9-6. Hope this helps! Can you tell I love my CSS.

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