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    Default General questions about cameras, water socks, etc


    We're going to CTI in November (pause for happy dance,) and I've got a couple questions, some specific, some not.

    So, to the questions!
    1. Cameras: Has anyone used an Olympus Stylus Tough digital? I'm looking at getting the 8010, both as a general point-and-shoot, and seeing as it's rated to 33ft, a vacation / snorkeling camera. How deep do the SCUBA dives go that are offered by the resort, would this survive the briney deeps of the dives? (BTW, I've got an Advanced Open Water through PADI)
    2. Dunns River Falls excursion: Water socks... Would diving fin booties work for this? While mine are the over-the-ankle dive boots, my wife has the type which come up to about the ankle.
    3. Dunns again: Many posts suggest avoiding this when the cruise ships are in port. What days are best to avoid this? We're only going to be there Monday through Friday, not the weekend.

    I think that's it for the moment, if I think of any more, I'm sure you'll see me back here...
    I've already bookmarked the "I wish I would have thought of that" thread on the board...

    Thank you!
    Jason A.

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    I can't answer your first two questions as I have not used the referenced camera and I do not have dive boots.

    As far as avoiding cruise ship days at Dunn's River Falls I would agree. Here is a cruise ship schedule for Ocho Rios. Select your month and year of travel and check the listing.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Yes, your booties will work. Essentially they are water socks, that's what we wear instead of water socks and I'm pretty sure that's what we had for our trip to Dunn's.

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    I have read that Friday, Saturday and Sunday have no ships,

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    I do not have that camera but two friends got one and both of them lasted one snorkeling trip and that was it. The picture quality was not too good to begin with but then they both took on water. They didn't come from a bad batch or anything since there was quite a time difference between the purchases and they live in different parts of the country. The warranty does not cover water damage either so they were just out the money. I have only been to CSA but we dove past 60 ft on at least one dive and to 40-50 on the others. I would really suggest getting a regular point and shoot and then getting a case for it. The picture quality will be better and you can test the case before each use. They also go a lot deeper. I am a photographer so I tend to be really picky about photo quality and certain camera features and capabilities. I choose the best point and shoot for me, made sure there was a good case for it and then ordered them both. I got mine a year ago so there might be something better by now. The things I was concerned with were good low light performance, quick startup time, very short shutter lag, low noise and good photo quality, manual settings and a short delay between photos. I ended up getting a FujiFilm Finepix F200EXR and the case that they make to go with it. I really like it so far. I keep it in my purse most of the time now because it's nice and small so it travels easily. If you want some example photos I can post some. Let me know.

    I don't know about the other questions but I did see a link to a website that had a list of when ships will be there. I saw the link on here so someone might have it.

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    I don't know if this is the same list I saw before but it has the same info.

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    I considered wearing my dive booties (but we didn't end up going to Dunns). Mine have a hard bottom with a good tread. If your also have a good grippy tread they should work just fine. Why bring more footwear?

    We have an Olympus Tough camera. I'm not sure if it's the 8010 but we got it just before our Jan. 2010 cruise vacation. The first time into the water on a snorkeling trip it froze up and gave us a warning message. We couldn't use it the rest of the trip. Luckily we had an SLR plus another camera with housing for diving. We had to send the Olympus away and have it repaired.

    Since then we've been afraid to immerse it, but we did have it at the beach, on the dive boat and got it splashed. It's only good to 33 feet though so that's great for snorkeling, but I'd be wary of diving with it. Every dive I have done has gone well below 33 feet. The crossing into the next atmoshere at that depth might do it damage.

    I think if you want to fully immerse it just be very careful. If you open the door for the battery/card compartment be sure to check the little O ring for particles/hairs. If you're as careful as if it was a dive housing you should be fine. We think maybe ours had a fine particle causing it to flood.

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    Thanks everyone! Sounds like the Stylus (ain't so) Tough may not be worth the investment.

    I glanced at the cruise listing posted, and for the time we're going to be there, there's only one ship in port, and that's after we'll have left. So sounds like Dunns will be less busy.

    As for my dive boots, they've got the tread on the bottom, although they're not hard-soles, but sound like they'll work fine!

    Thanks again everyone!
    Jason A.

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