We're going to CTI in November (pause for happy dance,) and I've got a couple questions, some specific, some not.

So, to the questions!
1. Cameras: Has anyone used an Olympus Stylus Tough digital? I'm looking at getting the 8010, both as a general point-and-shoot, and seeing as it's rated to 33ft, a vacation / snorkeling camera. How deep do the SCUBA dives go that are offered by the resort, would this survive the briney deeps of the dives? (BTW, I've got an Advanced Open Water through PADI)
2. Dunns River Falls excursion: Water socks... Would diving fin booties work for this? While mine are the over-the-ankle dive boots, my wife has the type which come up to about the ankle.
3. Dunns again: Many posts suggest avoiding this when the cruise ships are in port. What days are best to avoid this? We're only going to be there Monday through Friday, not the weekend.

I think that's it for the moment, if I think of any more, I'm sure you'll see me back here...
I've already bookmarked the "I wish I would have thought of that" thread on the board...

Thank you!
Jason A.