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    Default Cigarettes? Scooters? Catamaran reservation?

    We are arriving on 2/26 for one week!

    How far in advance do you need to make a reservation for the Catamaran? How far in advance do you need to make reservations for the two that require them?

    Is there a local hospital or nearby medical facility for emergencies? If so, how far from CN?

    Also, are there cigarettes available to purchase at CN? Are they American brands? How much are they?

    Are there scooters available at CN to rent? If so, is it safe to go out alone (2 people), or are there guides?

    Thanks for the info in advance.

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    Depending on how busy the resort is you can make cat cruise reservations a few hours before it leaves...friends we met did it a few times during their stay because they enjoyed it so much the first time and they just walked up a couple hours before it left and were able to get on. If the resort is full and busy and lots of people want to go you'll have to put your name on the list maybe the day ahead or early in the day. This was at CSA but I have to think it would be the same.

    There is a nurse at the resort, fortunately never had to take advantage of that but have heard they are very knowledgeable and efficient. Jamaica has hospitals but don't know exactly where they are located. Realize that Jamaican medical facilities are not what they are in the US. I don't think I'd focus on it or even wonder.

    I wouldn't rent a scooter...check out the thread about a guy wanting to rent a motorcycle. You'll see what I mean on your ride to the resort. It's safe to go out just not safe to be driving.

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    Sometimes the catamaran rides fill up fast so I would sign up for that ASAP. We usually sign up for that on the way from check in to our room. Take a look at the weekly schedule while you are in the lobby area and see which evening looks open and just book the cruise for that day. They don't run every day and sometimes there are large weddings or parties that all want to get on a cruise at the same time so we don't waste any time on that. I believe you can have two outstanding dinner reservations at a time but I do not know how far out they let you make them.

    Not sure about the hospital, we needed a doctor once and they called one to come to CSA for us. He was there in about 30 minutes. One guy we met did need to go to the ER while we were there in April and I believe he went by ambulance.

    I would NOT try driving in Jamaica. There was just a thread about renting motorcycles that you might want to check out. I will find it and post what I wrote there though.

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    This is what I wrote in the other thread. If you still choose to rent scooters the people at CN should be able to tell you where they are available. I know the resorts don't have any but surely they know who does.

    When we were at CSA my husband needed to see the doctor for a possible ruptured ear drum. It wasn't ruptured but when I was talking to the doctor about some of interesting differences between Jamaica and the North America as he was from Canada. He said the driving style is obviously quite different so I asked if he saw a lot of accidents. His reply - only involving tourists. He said at first he was surprised by how few accidents there were involving locals because it seems so drastically different than what we are used to. That's the dangerous part. We aren't used to how they pass each other and other things like that so we cause accidents and often get hurt.

    There are just too many unspoken rules of the road that we aren't aware of. In the US it is the passer's responsibility to make sure it is clear and you get out of the way prior to oncoming traffic getting too close. In Jamaica the passer seems to have the right of way and the it is expected that the car being passed bails out and goes onto the shoulder of the road, or wherever there is room, to allow the passer to get by, often at the very mast minute. Sometimes they pass in multiple lanes of traffic so more than one lane of cars have to get out of the way! I suspect that's where many of the accidents happen. Tourists are already a little on edge from driving in unfamiliar territory plus they are looking around and easily distracted by the sights. All of a sudden there is a bus coming at you and it shows no signs of slowing down or moving. That could very easily make the most experienced driver freeze up or hesitate. They often pass right before the oncoming traffic gets to them or right before a blind intersection or curve so there are literally only a few seconds before a possible collision. There is just no time to hesitate.

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    I would not rent a scooter in Jamaica

    Cigs are expensive at the resort, cheaper at stores outside the resort.

    The hostpital is in Mobay, you really do not want to go there.

    We had a friend die while in Negril 2 years ago, heart attack at GLN, they had AED at the resort but still had to transport to Mobay.

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    I was in Jamaica back in 2000 and we rented a scooter and a dirt bike. Only used them for about an hour because it was so scary driving. We almost hit a cow that was in the road. I would NEVER do it again.
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