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    Default Feb.6th/13th.2011..I'M SO EXCITED!

    My husband & I have booked for a week at CN for our 20th ann.,at first i wasn't be honest i was looking at the jewel and couldnt get the dates,my agent sugested CN,now that i have read many reviews and have been reading these msg boards i'm so happy to be coming here..CN sounds like a wonderful place that has everything we were looking for in a resort i can't beleive i didnt search this gem already...we can't wait to board that plane in halifax and enjoy a wonderful week and by the sounds of it meet lots of new friends,I'm new to these msg boards and want to say thanks for all the great reads at night14 more days!

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    This will be our 2nd trip to CN and our 25th ann. We were there about 10year ago and have taken the kids to other JA resorts. Now it's JUST US and I'm so excited too. We'll be there from the 5th-10th and getting ready to relax!!! I have been looking over these boards to see any tips and have been enjoying the reads too. As of typing this 13days -1hr - 34mins to boarding time

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    Default CN

    Hello, Congrats of choosing a Couples Resort. We're from your neck of the woods and we'll be heading to Couples Tower Isle in March. It'll be our second trip...with last year being our first. We couldn't have been more happy with all aspects of our Jamaican adventure....You'll have a great time...Kinda jealous you're heading down so soon....we have to wait 42 days..but who's counting!! Enjoy!!

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    We are at CSS the following week and can't wait to get away from this cold weather. We were at CN a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Have a great time!

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    We've booked our first trip to CN and will be there Feb 6th - 16th. We share your excitement and can't wait to leave the snow and cold behind. It looks like there will be a few of us Canadians enjoying the Jamaican sun!

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    My husband and I will also be visiting CN for the first time 2/6-2/13 and we can't wait! It's been in the single digits here in Maine for the past week with too many snow storms. We're ready to put our sunglasses on and our toes in the sand!! I can't wait to warm my bones!

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    10 days to go! Storms and snow are falling all around us... We can't wait! Going to the gym and picking out board shorts and bikinis! Scoping out where to watch the super bowl on Sunday!

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    oh this is so exciting we cant wait looks like there is a few newbies like ourselves going to be there the same week,today school was cancelled again for the second time this week...its a cold, snowy,windy icy day out there come on jamaica just dont storm on the 6th.....tim-n-lisa,were having a hard time finding anything that looks summery..we have never traved in feb. before always late march or april so we maybe heading down with last years gear lol wont stop me tho

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    Default Pelican Bar Possible?

    Hi all,
    We are thinking about going to the Pelican Bar which is off-site. Google it or check it out on Trip Advisor. Most say it is fun, and an interesting once in a lifetime experience. Most also say it is s great idea to go with others to share the experience and save costs!

    We will be at CN from 2/5 - 2/11, would anyone like to go?

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    Hello everyone.I agree that these message boards have been great to certainly makes me believe that I made a great choice in booking at couples negril. My husband and I will be arriving March7-21.getting out of this cold and snow will be blissfull.Cannot wait to call it home like others do.This will be our first visit to cn but something is telling us that it won't be the last.

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    Hello Mandalay, We're from Nova Scotia...we've got the same dates booked though we're at CTI.....Are you flying outta Boston on Sunday?? Be nice to meet up at Logan!!

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    January 2005...A date we shall never forget or regret.

    CN..Couples Negril...Our first time to Jamaica and we chose CN..Couples Negril
    It changed our lives forever.It has spoiled us to no end.

    CN..Couples Negril..The leader in caribbean resorts..A place that calls you by name instead of by a number.

    Thanks CN..Couples Negril and the complete staffs at all four of the Couples Resorts.

    Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy of 10 0 C

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    I have heard about pelican,cant say for sure right now but will deff look into it when were there,we have 2 days(wed.,thurs.) already with full plans so hopefully we can fit something like this in or some kinda outing as its our first time in jamaica...hoping we can do the cat cruise on friday if its not full other wise we may miss out on it,time is getting shorter...pulled out the suitcases gonna try and get some stuff packed ))

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    We arrive the day you depart but I would highly recommend the Pelican Bar. You won't be disappointed. I would love to see your faces as your driver pulls up to your transportation out to the bar

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    My hubby and I will be at CN 2/2-2/9. First visit! We are so excited!

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    My hubby and I will be at CN 2/2-2/9. It's our first visit! We are very excited!!

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    Our first visit to CN from 4/7 to 4/14. We are also from Southern Maine. Mandalay, I'm wondering if you could bring back any materials from Couples for us. I was thinking pamphlets, brochures, schedules etc etc. It would be great to read any materials prior to our trip.


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    We'll also be at CN 2/5-2/11. It's our 2nd visit and we're getting excited! We liked our last year's visit so much that this year we're going with 2 other (newbie) couples. See some of you next week!

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