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    Default CN Resort Photographer Photos

    I am getting married at CN in May 2011. I have been looking at the message board to see how the resort photographer photos look. I have noticed that a great amount of brides have chosen to go with an outside photographer,but I would also like to see what a resort photographer photo look like. Is there any way possible that I can see someone's resort bridal photos? This would really help me out a lot in my decision on resort or outside photographer.



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    I don't have any from CN but they use the same company as CSA and I have seen those. They don't edit the photos at all or anything like that. All the professional photographers edit, color correct, straighten, etc.

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    Default CN resort photographer

    click on my user name dandpdub....
    then you can see the link to my photo album...those are some of our wedding pictures from the resort photographer.

    I got quotes from multiple outside photographers and the cheapest including the $500 vendor fee was $1295....

    the resport photographer took almost 250 pictures....we felt like he really captured our moment and we only spent about $300...

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    Your pictures are so beautiful and so was the dress!! Thank you for allowing me to look at your pictures. I was so worried that the resort photos would look bad. Pictures are very important to me. I would hate to go back to my wedding album and not be happy with my pictures. So..thank you so much. I think I am going to go with the resort photographer.


    Simply Marv3lous

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    I got my dress at Jessica McClintock. If you are looking for a short dress, they have so many really cute ones....Also, I got 43 total pictures on a CD. I used photo editing software to crop and add some effects to the pictures and got prints made at Walgreens when I got home. The resort photographer will do anything you want so don't be afraid to look at other bride's photos and tell them what you want.

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    Did you take any photos from magazines or anything to give the photographer an idea of how you want to pose the picture or how you want the picture to look (Ex: Making the bride look like she has the groom in the palm of her hand because of how far away he is standing)?


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    I did not suggest poses. We just free-styled it.

    They will do whatever you want though.

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