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    Default CSA room advice.

    We just booked an Atrium room at CSA but cant decide if we should upgrade it to an Ocean Verandah Suite. I get that the Atrium doesnt have a TV, which isnt a huge deal breaker for us. Are the possibilities of getting an upgrade upon arrival fairly decent? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
    We cant wait!

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    Between the two I just go with what you have, view wise some of the Atriums are just as good or better view and access to the beach than the OV.

    Having just come back from there when we go again I would say to either get the beach front suite or the beach front verandah. We were in the Ocean Verandah this trip.

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    An upgrade on arrival is totally dependent on how full the resort is and I wouldn't count on didn't say when you are going but some times of the year they WILL be full. Even if we knew your exact travel dates we couldn't really say what your chances are, always best to book the room you really want.

    As far as which room is best, you are going to find people who love both so that's going to be personal preference. The atrium has that wonderful hammock which a lot of folks love. Some people will tell you that you don't spend time in your room anyway so it doesn't matter but for my husband and I it does matter and we love to spend time on our verandah so again it's personal preference.

    The descriptions of the rooms on the CSA web page as well as the pictures are very accurate so read them again and decide which room is most to your liking and make sure that is the room you have booked rather than count on an upgrade.

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    Thanks for your advice. We are going to stick with what we originally booked. All the rooms look beautiful and when it really comes down to it, the room doesnt matter. Goodbye Nebraska, HELLO Jamaica!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleyL View Post
    Are the possibilities of getting an upgrade upon arrival fairly decent? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
    We cant wait!
    I would not at all count on an upgrade. These are rare and would go to repeaters if any are given at all.

    We love the Atrium rooms and book them as a first choice.

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    We are getting ready for our 5th trip to CSA, and the first 3, we stayed in a BFS. (Original side.) our last trip, we booked an Atrium and stayed an extra day. Wow!! I will never stay beachfront again. We're hooked. We loved loved loved the Atrium suites. So much so, that this trip, we're booked in Atriums again. And now they have minibars! So much the better.

    You'll love it. I promise.
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    Vee, do the atrium suites have tv's?

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    Just encase Vee isn't on here soon. No, the atrium suites do not have TV's; that's just one of the features that makes them so wondeful! :O)

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbcwp View Post
    Vee, do the atrium suites have tv's?
    No TV's in the atrium suites. In fact the mini bars were a recent addition to these rooms. We are counting down to our fifth trip to CSA in June and have stayed in the OVS rooms on all our previous visits. We decided that a week in an atrium suite would be a very nice change of pace for us this time. We have always been very pleased with the OVS rooms and have no complaints about them at all. But we are looking forward to staying in an atrium for trip number 5.

    Only about four and a half months to go!

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    do the atrium sweets now have AC?

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    We spent one week in an atrium and one in an ocean verandah. The OV felt like a downgrade after spending a week in an atrium.

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    Yes the Atrium suites have A/C but no TV's

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    Jen, why do you say the OV felt like a downgrade?

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