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    Default Motorcycle????

    I've tried looking online but with no success to try and find somewhere to rent a motorcycle while in Negril or Ochos? Does anyone out there know an outfitter there?
    After 4 months and no warm wind in my face I'd really like to get some down there!!

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    Default Madness

    Riding a motorcycle in Jamaica - are you MAD!! even if you are a experienced rider.

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    I don't post much, but when I see someone wanting to rent a motorcycle, I can't help but give you my 2 cents. "DONT DO IT"! I've been riding Harley's nonstop for 39 years now & I won't do it. First off, they drive on the opposite side of the road which really gets tricky goin around the circles in the towns, everyone drives really fast & just misses each other by a hair, when it rains, the sand & oil on the roads become very slick like black ice in Fla.,I can't tell you how many people I've seen all scraped & banged up in the airport going home whose vacation was ruined due to this. I love motorcycles & I love Jamaica, been going there every year since 1995, but I won't ride a bike there. Do what ya want, but remember, I warned you.

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    Your inquiry is not all that uncommon. It has come up numerous times over the years and my answer is still the same. I would not recommend riding in Jamaica. The rules of the road are far different than in the States and without firsthand experience at dealing with driving on the left, Jamaican drivers and traffic, the break neck pace on narrow and sometimes crowded and poorly maintained streets, not to mention the occasional domestic beast that wanders onto the road in rural areas, driving could be hazardous at best. My heartfelt advice is to leave the riding at home. I understand your desire to get out in the wind, believe me. I have been riding for over forty years, but I would not consider climbing on a scoot in Jamaica.

    Do your own thing, but I am sure you will get many additional posts here that express the same opinion of trying to ride in Jamaica.

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    Don't do it if you want to live. Seriously. The drivers in Jamaica are crazy. I would NEVER rent a car or motorcycle and drive on those roads. Leave the driving to the locals - once you get there, you'll understand.

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    Hey Guys

    Let me know if you find anything as i am in the same boat and missing my bike with all the snow we have in Alberta this year.

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    Don't know exactly where, but I saw a place on the main road from CN to Rick's that rents scooters. Had a sign out front "Scooters for Rent"
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    I do remember seeing alot of bikes when we were there. Check with the excursions desk; they should be able to hook you up. However, a word of warning....they drive on the opposite side of the road in Jamaica...even riding in a cab we were constantly freaked out thinking the driver was turning when he shouldnt.

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    I have seen them on the side of the road for rent in Negril but cannot remember the name, sorry!

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    I'm not sure of a place to rent a bike...but I do know they have a engine size limit in Jamaica...sooo you may not get what your looking for...the feeding of the need for speed.

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    There are several places to rent 175cc and 250cc Enduros along the Beach road in Negril. They also have Honda Shadow 600's. I've rented Enduros and Shadows on several trips. Just get a cab and ask them to bring you to a Motorcycle place. There is no need to reserve in advance.

    Now for the warnings!! They drive on the left side of the road. Passing by cars is done anywhere, anytime, and, at top speeds, with no space. You will be passed from behind, on both the Left, and Right. Must keep your eyes focused on the road at all times looking out for CRATER sized potholes everywhere. And most important, and worth repeating, they drive on the LEFT!! I usually remember when oncoming vehicle appears in my lane approaching fast. Say to yourself when pulling out "Right Is WRONG"

    Dont think I can give the name of the place I have rented from on this Forum. Ask someone from Resort and they should be able to give a recommendation.

    Ride Safe!!
    MN YaMon

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    If you haven't been to those cities let me suggest you do not rent a bike. They drive absolutely crazy there. I have been riding bikes my whole life and was sure we were going to be seriously injured riding there.

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    Have you been to Jamaic before? Ifnot I would re think looking to rent a scooter,I am an avid rider,teach riding courses and belong to a MC club and I would not ride in Jamaica. Jamaica makes Jersey and NYC look like a cream puff to ride in. Between the riding on the opposite side and the way they manuveur the vehicles I strongly would suggest against it,but hey its your choice, just take out good travel insurance!!!!!!

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    ummm...imo the way the locals drive down there the last thing you want to be on is a bike.


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    I've seen a couple places that rent motorcycles in between CN and CSA. Not sure of the name of the place but it was right in town. They looked pretty small. I know Jamaica has a restriction on the size of bikes i think nothing over 600 or 750cc.

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    You want to ride a motorcycle in JA, do you have a death wish? I wouldn't do it now no how, never!
    Erika & Sean

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    Default Jamaicans drive on the CORRECT side of the road !

    Its a fact - Jamaicans actually drive on the CORRECT side of the road. However I would still not be tempted to ride, despite having a full motorcycle licence for nearly 30 years.
    Ian and Vanda (from England)

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    When we were at CSA my husband needed to see the doctor for a possible ruptured ear drum. It wasn't ruptured but when I was talking to the doctor about some of interesting differences between Jamaica and the North America as he was from Canada. He said the driving style is obviously quite different so I asked if he saw a lot of accidents. His reply - only involving tourists. He said at first he was surprised by how few accidents there were involving locals because it seems so drastically different than what we are used to. That's the dangerous part. We aren't used to how they pass each other and other things like that so we cause accidents and often get hurt.

    There are just too many unspoken rules of the road that we aren't aware of. In the US it is the passer's responsibility to make sure it is clear and you get out of the way prior to oncoming traffic getting too close. In Jamaica the passer seems to have the right of way and the it is expected that the car being passed bails out and goes onto the shoulder of the road, or wherever there is room, to allow the passer to get by, often at the very mast minute. Sometimes they pass in multiple lanes of traffic so more than one lane of cars have to get out of the way! I suspect that's where many of the accidents happen. Tourists are already a little on edge from driving in unfamiliar territory plus they are looking around and easily distracted by the sights. All of a sudden there is a bus coming at you and it shows no signs of slowing down or moving. That could very easily make the most experienced driver freeze up or hesitate. They often pass right before the oncoming traffic gets to them or right before a blind intersection or curve so there are literally only a few seconds before a possible collision. There is just no time to hesitate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_and_Julie View Post
    Hey Guys

    Let me know if you find anything as i am in the same boat and missing my bike with all the snow we have in Alberta this year.
    ...I thought about renting a bike last year. But once IN Jamaica, I quickly lost interest. Beside the fact they drive on the left side; these are some CRAZY drivers. Going to the resort, sit in the front of the bus/van. You will see what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis & Cherie View Post
    I've tried looking online but with no success to try and find somewhere to rent a motorcycle while in Negril or Ochos? Does anyone out there know an outfitter there?
    After 4 months and no warm wind in my face I'd really like to get some down there!!
    I am an experienced rider. I would not, and will not, rent a bike and go on those roads...I'd love to ride the roads, if I could be assured NO ONE ELSE WOULD BE ON THEM!!!! Unfamiliar, not well maintained roads, "interesting" drivers, and most of the bikes to rent are scooters or 250CC or smaller. Riding is my stress reliever and relaxation, but I'd be a total freaked out mess trying to ride there....Have another Red Stripe and hit the beach.....OR, Just go out and stand in front of the resort and observe the traffic, or observe on the shuttle to the should help you make up your mind!!

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