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    Default Decisions, decisions...CN or CSA

    Can any or all lend some thoughts to my wife and I for planning an upcoming vacation. We can NOT decide whether to go to CN or CSA. I know it's a tough decision but hey. We will be there for at least 10 days. We are in our mid to late thirties, we like our alone time on vacation but we also like to mingle and meet new people. The reviews on Trip Advisor are so positive for both, (they are actually rated #8 and #9, respectively), but it is truly a coin toss. We are hoping that faithfuls to both resorts can lend us a hand and give some guidance. This will be our first vacation with Couples and can hardly wait! Thank you in advance!

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    The good news is that you cannot make a bad decision... Both are great. Since you will be there at least 10 days, why not visit both. When we go, we always split between two resorts. For example this coming May, we will spend 7 nights at CSA, then six nights at CN. We love both... Last Nov, we stayed 7 nights at CSS and 3 nights at CTI. We keep it simple by staying on the same side of the island. A few times, we have stayed a week at either CN or CSA, then at a resort in the MoBay area closer to the airport for a few nights.

    While in may ways our favorite is CSA, we always want to have some time where an AN option is available.

    Whatever is your choice, it will be the right one for you.

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    Default CN - CSA dilemma?

    We too had the exact same dilemma in Feb. 2010! I read everything on the message board and fretted somewhat when I made my choice (CN) as it was the one that had a slight "edge" of calling to me the most. It was an excellent choice I must say. However, my curiosity of what CSA would have been like, led us to return to Negril in just 36 days to experience CSA this time. I'm just as confident with this choice because of the Couples name, what's included, etc. but also realize that it will be a different experience than CN. You have two choices...make a decision, go with it and put your mind at rest or if you are having a REALLY difficult time with picking between the two...your other choice would be to do a split between the two resorts, since they are so close to each other. We can all assure you that whichever resort you choose, you will be beyond satisfied and will be contemplating when you can return to Couples next.

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    This is a WIN WIN situation. Toss a coin!

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    Default Have it all!

    Why not do both? Split your time for between both resorts. I personally am a big fan or SweptAway.

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    We are doing the same...loved CN but the curiosity about CSA has drawn us there this winter. We're going in March and would love to hear a review after you return!!

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    Spend a ton of time on the web pages for each resort, read the reviews for each and then start asking whatever specific questions come to your mind. All the Couples resorts offer great service and food it's just the difference in the look and feel of the resorts so then it becomes a personal preference. Each resort has its die-hard fans so you can't really ask someone which resort is best, no matter what tell people someone will think their favorite is best for you. Just keep searching all the available info and one will eventually seem more appealing to you.

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    The reason I love CSA is that it does not seem like a hotel at all. I guess it would if we stayed in the Great House or one of the Verandah rooms. We love the atmosphere of the older section and prefer the Atrium rooms over all others. Those rooms seem like your own private bungalow since they have windows on all sides and do not share a wall with the neighboring room. It is very private and the balconies are awesome. There are plenty of other things that we love but that was the initial reason we wanted to go there. The size of the beach is wonderful too. Even at full capacity it does not feel crowded because it is so long.

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    Default TravelBug

    We're on the same page! And, you can count on that review!

    33 days......

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