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    Default CTI Garden view

    Hello. Anyone stayed in garden view rooms at CTI. Is the view nice? At other resorts, sometimes 'garden view' means view of the dumpster or parking lot. Are there trees flowers etc and a vista from these rooms. Thanks.

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    We loved our Garden view room at CTI!! I'm the type of person that likes that view better than the ocean, strange I know I will try to attach some pics but I've never done it before so I hope they come through Road noise was never a problem even though we were facing the road and the 'nature noises' were relaxing as well.

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    Sorry It keeps saying upload failed If you would like me to email them to you, let me know!! It really was a beautiful room and view!!

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    We have not stayed in a Garden View, but CTI keeps the "dumpster stuff" pretty well hidden. What you will have is a view of the gardens, maybe the driveway in which circles a fountain, the back cottages, the spa, the trees, the lawn, just depends. If it was the only way we could get there, we would take a garden view in a heartbeat.

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    In my opinion Garden is good, but ocean is better. See how much it would be to upgrade, it might be little or nothing. However, when I went on a walk in the back of CTI, the garden area is very lush a tropical. Very private as well. I guess its really hard to get something you "don't" like at CTI.

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    Thanks everyone. We splurged on Couples so we just booked the most affordable room. Thanks for the offer of photos, mistyshep4. If its not too much trouble, you can send them to Thanks.

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    My husband and I have booked from the UK for March and we will be staying in the Superior Garden Rooms.

    I've noticed that the Couples website only shows pictures for the Delux Garden rooms, does anyone know what the difference is between the two?



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    Default garden rooms

    difference in garden rooms is de-luxe are slightly larger'

    Mikey UK

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    Thanks for the info Mikey! misteyshep4 is there any chance that you can email me those pictures too? If so could you please send them to

    Thanks so much!


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    Hi T1,

    When are you travelling from the UK, we are flying out from Gatwick on the 26th Feb returning on the 12th March so may see you there.

    Like you we have a standard garden view room.

    Dave and Chell

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    If you are able to open the door facing the garden you will hear nature like you never have!!!!

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    T1 and Intrepid,
    I just emailed you 8 photos I hope they come through this time!! Our room was right above the lobby, facing the highway yet road noise was never an issue. Make sure you take a walk through the gardens or jungle like I like to call it......there is a hammock off to the right if you are walking in from the front of the resort and two parrots a little ways down to the left. Have a great vacation!!!

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    WE have stayed in garden room twice. The room is the same as ocean view. It is just the "view" that is different. I loved listening to the tree toads at night. Naturally I prefer the ocean view, but if the only way we could go back to CTI was in a Garden view, that's where I'd be. BTW,our upcoming November trip to CTI is #11, it's ALL good.

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    Our first trip to Jamaica was to Couples OR and a gardenview room. It was a beautifuf view of the tropical gardens!

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    Thanks everyone. Garden view sounds great. Thanks Misty, for the pics. 5 weeks and counting...

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    We are returning the end of March and we were upset that all the Garden Views were booked. I mean not really really upset, I mean come on we are going back home for a bit But we love the garden view rooms. You will be happy with any room you get at CTI. Promise

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    Mistyshep4, thank you so much for emailing the pictures to me!

    Dave and Chell, unfortunately we will miss each other by a few days as we are going to be there from the 23rd March. I will be looking forward to hearing how your stay went when you return!


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