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    Default CSS: River near SSB

    My husband was viewing an arial photo of the resort, and would like to explore up the river a bit. I did notice that its right in front of the AN beach.... is there any way we could get there without walking through the beach? We don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, and we probably won't be there nude ourselves. Or, is that river nothing you'd want to explore?

    Thank you!

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    LINUS: We were at CSS last Dec. here is a picture I took early in the morning before any one was at SSB. My wife and I tried to walk up the river, about 15 to 20 yards is a guard House and the guard (who works for Couples) will stop you and make you go back. Frank

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    Hi There

    It is called the White River and forms the boudary from St Anne to St Catherine.

    It's intersting enough and you can acceess it by taking a cab up to White River crossing. What I would say is that about 50meters up teh river is a lcoal area white ganja is prevalent. Do not go up thre unless you are with a well trusted lcoal. we took a ride with someoen we know and were made to feel welcome however ive a feeling you could get fleeced if you went alone.

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    Yes, a little scary if you are not used to venturing off "safe zones" but again, lots of culture to be experienced

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