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    Default secret revealed: we got convince me...

    that I am going to LOVE CTI...and forget about the island...we are going with hubby's sister and her husband so there will be no island!!

    We are 6-time repeaters to CN...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tami&jason View Post
    that I am going to LOVE CTI...and forget about the island...we are going with hubby's sister and her husband so there will be no island!!

    We are 6-time repeaters to CN...
    .....Do not compare any of the Couples Resorts to each other. Each is different. Just go as if you have never been to a Couples, and enjoy yourselves.

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    We also got CTI, and I am also a little scared. We love CSA. I love to try new things, but I am afraid to disappoint my husband. tami&jason, when will you be there ? Our trip is January 22- 26 .

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    You are going to Couples, of course it will be great. Just think, you get to explore some place completely new but at the same time you know that the food will be outstanding (head Chef Stefan Spath is at CTI I beleive) and you know the service will be perfect.

    You will have a great time.

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    Convince you of...?

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    There are lots of huge-CTI fans on the board, so I am sure they will chime in as well, but I just wanted to reassure you about heading north to Ocho Rios instead of back to Negril. You WILL still find everything you love about Couples at CTI. Great food, attentive staff, immaculate grounds and fun activities. Do your best to not compare CTI to CN as each resort has it's own character. Either way, I am sure you will have a great time. Think back to the first time you went to Jamaica and rediscover that feeling at CTI.

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    You will! Just go with an open mind. We were married at CSA in 2008 and thought it was perfect. We just got back from a CTI/CSS split. Although NOW I would have to admit we'd rank CTI below the other two, while we were there we loved every moment of it. No complaints, even though the weather wasn't perfect, which if it was would have made the week even better. But the hot tubs with a view helped us through the cool days.
    It really is gorgeous, modern and clean. They've been painting everywhere. The views from the ocean rooms are stunning. The staff are incredibly hekpful and friendly, and since the resort is smaller you seem to see them a lot. In fact, we found it very social and met lots of great people while we were there. The food is amazing at all the restaurants. The drinks are yummy, including the smoothies if/when you don't feel like drinking alcohol.
    You can do Dunn's and horseback riding, which you can't at CN. Do the horseback riding. It's really a nice tour.
    The pools are both very nice, and if you like shade there's that (quite early) as well as sun.
    Sure the beach is smaller, but it just means that you're closer to everything, including your room. If there's one downside to the bigger resorts that CTI dosen't have, it's that it isn't a long trek for food or back to your room to get something.
    All in all we had a great week there and I'm not sorry at all that we decided to try CTI.

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    Tami, dear heart....I am not going to tell you anything WE love about CTI, because each person will find their own special things that they love and make them feel like THIS is a truly wonderful place where fun, romance, relaxing and great food and drinks abound!

    CTI will speak to you and convince you in her own great way...from the moment you step into the beautiful lobby until you depart on the good-bye bus. Even TommyWommy enjoyed it!!! You just wait and see....

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    Why don't you try the island without hubby's sister and husband. It might be nice to have some alone time with your husband. We have stayed at all 4 Couples resorts and love them all. I would be happy to stay at any of them.

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    We got SR CTI last NOV. We've been to CSS and CSW previously and loved them both. If forced to compare, I will admit that CTI is our least favorite of the three. However, you read on this MB that many find CTI to be their favorite. All are great, just different.

    This is will experience the same great food, drinks, service and staff and may find that some of those items are even better at CTI. I suggest you try not to compare, that is like comparing apples to oranges....but I really like both of those and I bet you do too!

    Overall, I'm glad we exerienced CTI, now we know and eventhough CTI is not our favorite we did really enjoy our trip and would definitely go back. Have a great trip!

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    When are your dates of your secret rendezvous? I've booked 1/27-2/1 and am being driven nuts by the anticipation. My hubby and I really want CTI because of how much there is to do there (excursions). We are not the type to just lie on the beach all day.

    Just 7 more sleeps until we find out where we are going.

    -Dawn and James

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    You already know what us CTI repeaters love about CTI and it's not just the island. You already know that it doesn't have a big beach and you already know that it is somewhat compact. So go with an open mind to experience a different environment with the same quality service of CN. And enjoy what makes CTI unique!

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    Take a deck of cards ... or maybe sneak away one-day for a "couples" day and go over to CSS (there is SSB) ...have fun... It will all be good.

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    Please don't have another worry. My husband and I flip from CTI and CN yearly. Our first Couples experience was CTI (then Couples Ocho Rios), as we brought our daughters wedding there. We found out that this gorgeous resort was the original one the island. It has been up-dated many times but went through a multi-million dollar face lift and opened (yes, we were there) in April 2009. Wow, it is even more beautiful, with its colors bringing you right back to the shimmering ocean waters. No, it is not CN, a beautiful lush vegetation paradise. CTI is its own beauty. It is indeed stunning.I know you will love it as much as we do. As none of us, members of a family, are the same, appreciate CTI for her differences. I don't feel that she will disappoint!

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    It's funny that 2 people that responded said that there r huge CTI fans on the MB. I have found that to be not true at all. Except for the die-heart CTI lovers, most people don't care for CTI. Even a few other people said that they went, they have a great time but, CTI was their least favorite out of all the others they have been to. I have never been to Couples. My husband & I r staying @ CTI in 09/2011. When I read the someone went to CTI for the first time and they claim to have had a great time but, it was their least favorite, I am not convinced. IMHO, u can not put that in the same sentence. You have a great time but it was your least favorite. This just proves what I have always said, that CTI has a bad rep on this MB.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    You should take advantage of the Trading Places program and check out CSS one day. The grounds are beautiful. I think you guys would enjoy it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default we still don't know where we're going - leave Sunday

    I'm not sure why, but we still don't know if it's CSS or CTI. We went to CTI last year (not a secret rendezvous trip) and loved it, but would like to know where we 're going next week.

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    Default No reason not to love!

    We loved it last year. Great staff,food and people. What's not to like?

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    Default I hope you love it!

    "There are lots of huge-CTI fans on the board" from so right! Here are some of the things I think are awesome and were included when I went Xmas 2009: Horseback riding, Dunn's River Falls, shuttles for shopping, trading places pass, catamaran cruise. Also, I like the quaintness of this resort and even though I have not visited it, the island (another option and keeps the beach from being crowded). All of these items give you options, OR, you can just lie around on their small but private beach and eat and drink. I love the whirlpool and how you can hang out with other couples from all over the world (but mostly the US and Canada)or just have it all to yourself. I had the best massage ever at CTI and 8 rivers restaurant is unbelievable. I am going to try and book there as much as I possible can. THE Food is the best I have ever had at a resort. One day, I asked for curried goat, which they do not serve because it is a very bony meat and they made me a large plate of it. I was so surprised and touched. They served it in front of everyone at the Veranda restaurant. So my point is excellent staff and customer service. I am looking forward to the repeat guest dinner on my second trip in April 2011. My boyfriend is obsessed with h20 sports and water in general. His idea of a vacation is hanging out with the water sport crew while I lie on the beach. On our last day, The h2o sport staff came over and said how much they were going to miss him. It was genuine and made him feel like a million bucks. The location, it is a long ride but I had never been on that side of Ocho Rios. Let me put it this way, on our way home from CTI at the airport, our flight was cancelled. We were diverted to another AI for the night (thank goodness for travel insurance) The temporary resort was hugely depressing after leaving CTI spoiled rotten, elated, and on a vacation high...hope this helps.

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    We are taking our 4th trip to CTI in July. We are CTI fans all the way. We have never been to the other resorts and do not care to. We like CTI just fine. I do not feel the need to try to convince anyone it is a great place to vacation. If they go to nitpick, I am sure they will find something that is not as good as the other resort they stayed at. You need to go and enjoy the best that CTI has to offer. I am sure if we went to one of the other resorts, we could find things we liked better at CTI. To come back and run that resort down after the fact would be counter productive. You may be convicing a couple to stay away from the resort that would be the best fit for them.

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    CTI x4, CSS x2 and CN x1. CTI again this year for October and CSA for a quickie over Thanksgiving. CTI is our favorite, the others are OK but each to their own. We have made great freinds over the years and we meet up when we return. It really depends on what you want and what you make of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spice505 View Post
    When I read the someone went to CTI for the first time and they claim to have had a great time but, it was their least favorite, I am not convinced. IMHO, u can not put that in the same sentence. You have a great time but it was your least favorite. This just proves what I have always said, that CTI has a bad rep on this MB.
    Sure you can put it in the same sentence. I did, and I meant it. We went to CSA 3 years ago for our wedding and we loved it. So we knew that CTI and CSS had a lot to live up to, but we went with an open mind. If we didn't, why even bother wasting the time and money trying another resort, right? I mean who doesn't want to have a great time? ...and who doesn't have a great time at ANY Couples? But a great time is what you make it, and each resort is what you make of it I suppose.

    When we were at CTI we weren't comparing it to CSA at all. We just enjoyed all that it offered and had an amazing time there. The funny thing was that everyone we met and told that we were married at CSA, and those we told we had just come from CTI (to CSS) asked us how they compared and which we liked better. It was tough to answer. If we were to sit and score everything item by item many would be equal, some would be slightly higher at one over the other. In the end it would be close. Maybe it's even influenced by the weather?

    If it's your first Couples and resort and you have nothing to compare it to, you'd love it. Then if you went to another, maybe that "first" experience would stick and it would remain your fav? ..or maybe not
    I don't know. So many factors. So many different opinions. But I don't think any one resort gets a bad rep in any way. I'd defend CTI as much as the others.

    We loved CTI, but then we went to CSS and thought, wow, this is just more "us". Maybe because it's more lush? Maybe because it was more like CSA? Maybe just a "vibe"? Hard to put a finger on it.
    Does that make sense?

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    I am getting MORE excited about CTI. I can not wait !

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    Default You will love it

    We've been waiting to hear where we were going, finally heard CTI today. We were there last year, loved the island, loved everything. Can't wait till Sunday!

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    Jamaicamecrazy, thank u for your detailed explanation. I think that everyone should do that. It's our plan to visit all 4 resorts by the time we r done. I want to do just what u said. To go to each resort and like what each one offers. I don't want to compare each one to the other. We also plan to do trading places while we r @ CTI. I am sure that CSS will have somethings that's better or different from CTI. I just think many people don't go with an open mind. Again, thank u for the wonderful explanation.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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