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    Default How croweded is the bare-bottom beach at CN?

    My husband and I returned from CSS and loved the privacy of SSB. We had been to GLN previously and thought how crowded it was. Can anybody out there tell me how CN would compare to GLN? We will be travelling with another couple and don't think they're up to being squeezed in next to each other as they are and GLN.

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    Like anything it is dependant on the time of year you go as to whether the resort is busy or not. We traditionally go in April and have always enjoyed the Au Natural beach and have never found an issue with it being crowded.

    I don't think you will have any problems.

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    Default CN vs GLN

    My wife and I stayed at GLN a number of years ago. We were not happy with the condition on the co beach. Too crowded and gawkers. As we walk the beach we thought CN looked interested and booked there our next trip. We have been there now 10 time with our 11th trip booked. The conditions on the AN beach are not crowded and the atmosohere is one that if you want to be by yourself people with leave you alone. If you wish to socialize, that too will happen. We have stayed at CSS and while the beach is much bigger we still prefer CN.

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    The only answer is, it depends on who is there at the time. I have been when there have been 5 couples and 15 couples - it's not an exact thing and if there happens to be more AN group during your stay than of course it will be more crowded.

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