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    Default CSS Review 1/8/11-1/16/11

    Before you even read this review, I just want to say if you are thinking about going to CSS, just go. Even if you miss the beaches of Negril, this resort you have to go to at least once, and you will probalby want to go back. You won't regret it.

    Ride from the airport - the ride was great. Met 2 great couples. We arrived early on Air Jamaica. Very impressed with Air Jamaica. Was worried about booking with them, but it was great. Got to the resort early and left the resort late when we departed. Would definetely fly Air Jamaica again.

    Room - our room was incredible. We had the Prime Minister PS. Can't say enough about the room. The other PS also very nice with great views. If you want more of an ocean view, there are other rooms that have more of an ocean view, but no other room quite like PMPS. But all the class of rooms are also special in their own way. Most have great views, and are lovely no matter where they are located. CSS Always clean and well stocked.

    Staff - staff is great at all the resorts. They work so hard. We have stayed at CSA and did day trips to CN and CTI, and the staff is great at all 4, however I will say when we did a day trip to CTI, they were over the top friendly. We had a lot of fun with the staff. Maybe they were trying to get us to switch to CTI. LOL. They really were great.

    Food - food was very good. Dinners were excellent. Excellent pasta station at Palazinni. Beach Party and lucky enough to be there for the anniversary party was excellent. Words can't describe the variety and quality of food at the beach party, cocktail party, and anniversary party. Beach grill is great for late night snacks. Cassonova food is excellent. Repeaters dinner was fun and excellent food. Pierre the general manager is a very nice man and wants to make sure all of his guests are having a great time.

    Entertainment - Fluffy does such a great job. She made us feel so welcomed. We are professional dancers and we had a blast doing the talent show. Loved the variety of some of the shows they had. Its very important to have that variety so you reach out to all people. Love Jerry Jackson. What a great entertainer. Wish the balloon bar was a litle bigger. Pretty pool up there but it cuts into space. But no problem. Also it wuould be nice to see in the future an indoor area where there is a larger area for dancing for those nights when there is rain. CSA has the best space for dancing, and love that they have the disco for after hours. But you will enjoy yourselves just as much as CSA. Anniversary party was excellent. What a great band!! And after party. It was great to meet Randy and Kyle. What nice people.

    Beach - OK. The beach cannot be compared to CSA. You have to go there knowing that, and it is recommended that you wear your water shoes which we did. Unfortuantely there wasn't much sun all week. A lot of clouds, so we only ventured into the water once. I think if it was sunny, we would have appreciated the beach a lot more, even though it's not like the beaches of Negril. You can still enjoy it. We did some of the watersports. A lot of fun. CTI also has a small beach too, but very open. CTI is also beautiufl. New and modern. Rooms are beautiful as we did get to see two of the rooms, but definetely more hotel like, but beautiful. I think all 4 Couples resorts are different and have different things that you will love, and if you can you should experience all 4. There is nothing like the "Couples" experience as some of you already know.

    Pools - nicer pools than CSA, but again the sun just didn't stay out, so didn't venture into the pools but are very nice. Main pool and mineral pool. Only ventured to SSB after hours, but if you like the AN experience, it's a very nice beach and pool over there as well.

    Mosquitos - I usually get bit. I used the Avon skin so soft lotion, and did not get one bite.

    Grounds - there is no other Couples resort that can compete with the grounds at CSS. You have to experience this at least once. As many have said, its like you are in a tropical paradise, or tropical rainforest. Yes, lots of stairs, but breathtaking grounds. We loved the pond behind the A and B blocks as well. We went every day to say hello to Anita, Crackers and the ducks. We fed the ducks every day. If you are going to feed them, just make sure you ask what is OK for them to eat. Expecially the parrots. Some foods like avocados, onions, mushrooms are very poisonous to parrots. You will also see some resident cats. They are beautiful. If you see them and you are animal lovers give them a bite to eat. We love Jamaica, but one thing that is very upsetting to us, is that animals are pretty much abused in Jamaica. Not at CSS but in Jamaica in general. We saw dogs being abused in town when we went shopping. We do animal rescue back home in NY, and we wish we could do something there. They have one animal rescue on the island, but I don't believe its a shelter where they will rescue and get animals adopted. So please be kind to the cats. They are living beings like us. If you aren't an animal lover, don't worry they won't come near you. But if you are an animal lover take time to be kind to them. We fed them as well every day. We travel a lot, and almost every resort we have gone to has some resident cats. It would be great if they could be spayed and neutered, and put back on the grounds. This way they won't multiply and they will get to live out there lives. They only add to the beauty of the resort among the parrots, duck, fish,... CSS may be a smaller resort catering to a smaller number than the other resorts, but I think it is probably the largest of all the resorts. CSA pretty spread out also. Both are my favorites as far as the grounds. But CSS you sure won't see another resort like this with these breathtaking grounds. I don't know how they built this resort. It is amazing.

    Guests - I have to say something about the guests at CSS. Of course, all 4 resorts have wonderful guests, but there is something very special about CSS. We met such great couples and made so many friends. Everyone is so friendly and you make friends very easily at CSS. So many repeaters at CSS. Its easy to see why.

    So in conclusion, if you are thinking about going to CSS, you should go. I think all of the Couples Resorts offers that wonderful Couples experience and each has special things unique to each one of them.

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    That is a great review. My wife and I will be there Jan 22nd - 29th. Cannot wait...these last few days are going sooo slow.

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    Great Review! You summed it up perfectly. 85 sleeps till we return to CSS!

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    Have a great time!!! You will love it!!
    Mary Ann

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    Thank you sooo much for this great review. We are returning to CSS on Feb 16 after 3.5 long years. Glad to hear it is just as wonderful as when we left it. We love CSS so much we haven't ventured to another resort in fear we will be disappointed.

    CSS we will be there soon.

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