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    Default Art and Francine- It hasn't been a great summer so far!

    Hi Francine!
    Robert and I are fine, but it has not been a great summer (weather-wise) so far here in Ottawa. Lots of rainy weekends and right now we are having another thunderstorm! On the weekends when it has actually been sunny and hot, we put a reggae CD on, do jerk chicken, shrimp etc on the BBQ and invite friends over - they bring the cold Red Stripe!!
    Hope both Art and yourself are well and having a great summer as well!
    Donna and Robert

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    Hi Donna and Robert,

    As you know, we Can NOT resist a thread that starts with Art and Francine !!! LOL
    Summer has been okay at the Jersey Shore.... started out rather cool (well VERY Cool) and cloudy and rainy = but def saved $$ on the air conditioning and with this economy that is a Very Good Thing..
    Big rain storm today.... going to a Luau at our Good Friends Tracy & Joe tomorrow and the sun is supposed to shine so all is well!!!
    Great to hear from you and hope to "bump" into you again sometime at CN!!! Hoping to be there next April to celebrate our 25th Anniversary - after all we were married in Jamaica so we must return to the "scene of the crime".... Miss you Guys!!!

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    Default Colder than expeted summer

    Hi Mom and Dad

    Been a rather chilly summer here in Ottawa, IL. Sure wouldn't mind a litte wharfside fun.

    The Kids

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    Hi Mr Mike and Tinab,

    Miss you guys too.... hoping to make another trip to Wharfside in August.... should we save a Table for Four!???! We Wish!!

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