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    Default What is the best Romance Rewards?

    Hi we will be at CTI feb 13 and wondering what people think is the best Romance Reward to request? How are the sizes of the shirts? How are the candles or wine offered? What is the Repeater Dinner like?

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    The repeaters dinner rocks, its all good!

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    I think you're referring to the t-shirts/champagne/candles & oil. We get something different each time. They really are token gifts of appreciation. I'm a candle girl so that was the first I chose. Getting the champagne this year. (We just have so many t-shirts already.)

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    We sometimes do shirts and sometimes champagne -- not big candle people. They ask your shirt sizes when you register on-line and they are in your room when you arrive. Champagne is delivered. Not sure about candles . . .

    Repeaters dinner is included in addition to the above.

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    We got the t-shirts at CTI. We didn't get the sizes we asked for, but we just went to guest services and they changed them.
    Not needing more of the same t-shirts, at CSS we got the candle and massage oil. That's a nice little gift.

    We only did the repeaters dinner at CTI and it was awesome. They didn't due the beach party due to weather, so we didn't even miss that.

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