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    Default Temperatures At Home

    It's -11 today (without the wind) in South Dakota and we are REALLY wishing we were in Jamaica! It's been a very cold, and snowy winter, which is making the wait to October seem even longer!

    Good news, 18 degrees this weekend. Heat wave!

    Who else lives somewhere cold?

    Kristen and Jason

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    This morning we had an actual temperature of -29 F. We live in Minnesota.


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    We are in MN too and had -14 this morning. We just got back from CN on 1/2 and it is making this winter harder!!!!

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    -7 below this morning in southeastern Wisconsin, -25 below with wind chill. BRRRR, kept the kids home from school (they didn't close today)

    only 93 more sleeps.

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    Upstate NY here. More snow today and supposed to be bitter cold over the weekend. However, our temp is only supposed to go down to -15, so that's pretty warm compared to -29F in Minnesota. Brrrrr....

    August can't get here soon enough!

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    -15 here in Iowa.

    I think I froze my fritters this morning.

    Life is good

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    Here in Long Island, NY we're at 32 with a windchill of 18 today, going down to 16 with a windchill of 1 tonight (all Farenheit). We also got 5" snow overnight.

    See you at Sans Souci in 6 days!

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    minus 12 degrees C with a wind chill to make it feel like -21 this am and they call this Southern Ontario!


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    We are expecting -23 to -30 this weekend her in Vermont!

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    Wish we had your weather, I've been dreaming of our 2 week trip out of frozen Alberta with the temp this past week a steady -30c and the wind putting it -45 to -50. God do I ever need an umbrella drink right now!

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    We were at -30C the other night, supposed to be +1 on Sunday!!
    You know what they say about Alberta, don't like the weather? Wait a minute LOL

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    We just got more snow here in Connecticut. temps are suppose to be in the single digits this weekend. How much longer til April 30th?

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    The Razzldazzls do! It was -3 in Milwaukee this morning. Go Pack Go!

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    -8F this AM in Hartford, WI.

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    This morning the actual temp was -18 in eastern Iowa. I didn't look at the wind chill, didn't want to know.

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    Default cold....

    Not as cold as SD but 10 degrees is still pretty darn chilly, here in NY!

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    Record setting low in the fort frances/international falls area.

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    Ohhhh that is cold. I thought it was bad in Toronto (- 10 C, so we are about 15 F). Stay warm, I will be nice and warm on Saturday at CSS.

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    It's 64 in Florida right now. I know that probably seems like a heat wave to you guys, but it's too cold for me. The temperatures are supposed to be in the 30's tomorrow night. Brr....... I can't wait for some Jamaican sunshine either!!! Okay, I do have to confess it was 75 here yesterday. LOL But the sun shines way brighter in Jamaica!!! I hoep you guys stay warm!!! :O)

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    OK, you may not believe this but we are freezing in the south.(Alabama) We are in the teens tonight. Last week, schools were closed the entire week. We got 9 inches of snow but it wouldn't melt and we have no snow plows.

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    we are gonna be -25 tonight, Ontario Canada. We are travelling April 5-12 can't wait!

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    Kansas City, Missouri area was at 4 degrees this morning warming into upper teens .... We just had a foot of snow this week with more expected this weekend.

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    High 13 Low 1 Syracuse,New York

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    Timmins, Ontario ---- -34C Today with windchill to -43 C wooohhooo

    Only 7 more sleeps till Couples Negril!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Vancouver here = 5 degrees celsius (41 farenheit) I know it's not as cold as some of y'all, but it's rainy so it sucks. 6 days!

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