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    Default Catamaran Cruise & swimming at the Caves

    Can any of you that have been on the Cat cruise and who swam in the caves tell me if you can touch the bottom in the Caves? I'm not the world's strongest swimmer and if i have to swim the whole time while out there, i might not make it!! Especially with the rum punch in the mix!

    7 more days until paradise!!!

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    Some parts are shallow enough to touch the bottom. However, they will give you a life jacket too. We always take one so we can float leisurely and make the swim easier.

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    You can touch once you get inside I think. Its two caves that meet together inside. The roof is very low so I had to duck but Im 6'4. There are some big rocks inside that some people got out and climbed on. They give everyone life vests to make sure nobody has a problem. I just held mine while I swam just in case. I brought goggles and that was pretty cool. You are there for about 30 minutes so have fun.

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    We were there in November. My husband is a very strong swimmer; I am not. However, I wore a bellybelt life jacket that was provided and I swam out there and back. My legs were like rubber when I got back. I will warn you, when we were there the waves crashing into the caves were very strong and my husband had to hold onto me so that I wouldn't crash against the sides. We are going back in February; if we do the cat cruise, I don't think I will swim to the caves this time.

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    Once you swim to the caves, you can touch the bottom. Although it is rocky and sometimes hard to maintain your balance with the tide! Very fun experience. They also give you floaties to wrap around just your is a bit of a swim out to the caves, and the current can be tiring, so I recommend wearing one of those. Have fun!

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    You have the option of wearing a lifebelt. When we went, everyone wore a life belt over to the caves. I am a good swimmer, but I always take one in case someone around me is not. I don't want to be pulled under. Because I had my lifebelt on, I think it was deep in there, but there might be some shallow spots.

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    I would estimate the water is about 15 to 20 feet deep. Really beautiful, clear, aqua color so I couldn't stay out of it. The cat anchors, I don't know, maybe 25-30 yards from the caves. Anyway, you don't have to be a great swimmer to get there and back, but you do need to know how to swim.

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    I believe they make everyone take a life jacket now but either way, the caves are very shallow and unless the water is very rough you will be able to sit and rest for a while if you want. You will be able to stand either way though.

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    No worry mon! Enjoy your trip, and the catamarin cruise! They will give you life jacket to wear if needed if not a good swimmer! And NO you can touch bottom! Make sure Rasta Ralph is on board for a real good party! Were dissapointed on our last trip at Christmas :-( he had the day off!
    326 days till our return!

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    Where you jump off the boat it is about 20 feet deep. You will need to swim over to the caves and I'm sure you won't stay in the cave the whole time. The swim from the boat to the cave is about 50 yards. They offer you life jackets to use if you aren't a strong swimmer. I'd suggest you get one.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I could not touch the bottom (but I am very short 5'1). I am also not the world's strongest swimmer, but they offer you a small life jacket that does the trick. Use the life jacket and you will be fine.

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    Oh, no worries mon! Most people take a life jacket to float on to the caves. It's really a good idea. Yes, you can stand in the caves but sometimes the current is rough and it can push you into the rocks. The water is so beautiful that you won't want to get out of it so the life jacket is great to just sit on and bob up in down in the water.

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    We went on the cat cruise from CN and it was a blast! I put on a flotation belt and swam to the cave and yes, you can put your feet down on a big rock that's inside the cave. Also, there are steps up onto a ledge. I'm a little older (64) and found it a little difficult swimming against the current going in and out of the cave, but it wasn't too bad at all. The younger crowd didn't seem to have any problems at all! I'm not a really strong swimmer either and I had a great time!

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    Yes,you can touch the bottom of the caves while in there...its awsome!When you are inside,look up and you will see fossils of shells on the top of the caves.Oh,and by the way,they give you a life jacket to helps you a great deal.

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    Once you get inside the cave you can touch. You can actually get out of the water. We were there last month. I'm bigtime afraid of the ocean, but loved the cave and slide.

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    They will supply you with a life vest if you wish.

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    Yes, you can touch the bottom in the caves, but you have to swim in deep water for a bit before reaching the caves. But they provide life jackets, so it's not an issue. Everyone wore one, and I'm sure there were strong swimmers in the mix.

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    Go if you have the chance! You can stand inside the cave. The swim back was a little difficult but we had rough seas. They will offer you a life vest, take it. We wore ours backwards and had a great time bobbing around.
    Enjoy, send warm thoughts back to us in the northeast!

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    Not sure as I havnt swam to the caves, but they do have life preservers. You will have a blast!

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    I would strongly suggest a life vest. 99% of the people wear them. I am short, 5 feet, and my feet just barely touched. The problem is the waves kind of throw you so you won't want to be standing around. It is a must do. Also, you have to go down the slide! Awesome.
    Have a great trip.

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    Went on this cruise today. No u can't touch the bottom as it's around 25 ft. You can get a life vest off the catamaran if u want. No problem mon! Xxx

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    They have life jackets so you'll be fine. As I recall, it's about 15-20 feet deep if not more. Once you get into the cave, you can touch the bottom. It's a highlight of the trip. Enjoy.

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    No problem...they have life vest for those who need them. Safety!! first.

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    It's not even if you can touch I'm the caves (you can't) but it's a bit of a swim to the caves. They are neat, but if you're not extremely strong swimmer and you're going to enjoy their wonderful rum punch, grab a life preserver to swim with, then decide if the caves are worth the effort. But be assured Rasta Ralpie will cover that and make sure you're taken care of.

    Enjoy and safe travels! (and please take care of the boatmen, they are way cool and are not affiliated with the resort)

    Ps. Ask then to play some Busy Signal (local musician)

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    Yes you can touch once you get to the caves, however the swim to the caves can be challenging once you have had a few drinks! They do give you a life preserver which makes you feel safer but also makes it harder to swim! I do recommend doing it though!

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