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    Default Single Digit Dance !!!!

    I can't believe it. We booked this trip in April 2010 which at that time it seemed so far away. And NOW we are down to 9 days to go.

    We are doing a CSS/CN split this time (thanks to the resort credit bonuses). We were at CSS for the first time last January and absolutely adored it. We were bumped up to a Penthouse Suite and were so spoiled by the view we didn't hesitate to book the penthouse again. For those of you who question if its worth it, its not much more expensive - just go for it.

    I can't even express how excited we are to be fortunate enough to be able to go back and for 2 weeks.

    We are going home - hurray!

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    Yay! 93 days left for us...

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    We too also booked our trip in april 2010 and we are down to 14 days and counting!!!!! we are soooooo excited to return home every time we think of CTI we smile and can't wait to see all our friends I can't believe how fast it has come. We are going to be at CTI for 12 days this time around.

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    We also booked on April 2010 and 2 weeks from today we will be on our way to CSA for 10 glorious days!! Started packing a couple of days ago. We can't wait!!!


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    Show off.

    We're still waiting for June...which I know will be hear before we know it.

    ENJOY and congrats!!

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    We will see you at CSS 1/27-2/1...Likely in the piano bar or the tennis courts.

    Kenny & Wendy

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    I'm just so shocked how far in advance you all booked your vacation. I booked 3 weeks ago and I'm there in 6 sleeps. Woo-hooo!

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    We started our countdown at 269 days and are now just 100 days away till we get to CN. I know, sounds like forever away but time is going by so fast. SUPER EXCITED!!! 9 fantastic nights.....

    Cheryle & Barry
    Kansas City

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    We are sooo excited as well. Booked in June, for 11 nights in a Penthouse at CSS CAN"T wait...we arrive on Sun Jan 30 I just told my DH I'm getting so excited I'm jumping out of my skin LOL

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    So excited..... we are down to 85 days!!!!

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    We booked our return trip to CSA almost as soon as we got home from our first too-short visit last February -- and now we're only 6 days away!!

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