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    Default Detailed review & photos CSS12/27/2010 - 01/02/2011

    Hi everyone,
    just wanted to give a little summary of our stay at CSS on our honeymoon in dec 2010- jan 2011. Since we were so undecided as to which couples resort to stay at i decided to post this little review as information from other users on this forum helped me decide and this may hlep someone else too.
    an extensive Photographic collection of our honeymoon at CSS can be found here

    Basically we arrived at CSS the day after our wedding and as we were really tired and beat after a long flight and drive to CSS as our flight came in at Kingston and not Montego Bay. I highly recommend that the first thing anyone do is to make reservations at the restaurants and also sign up for whatever excursions you desire, see what is available at guest services. we dined at Bella Vista on the first night as we had no reservations, and the food was great there.
    we booked a Deluxe ocean verandah suite based on advise from a user on the forum and upon checking in we were given room G12A. little did i know that the room was really far (G Block) from the beach and beach bar main activity areas and the first day or two was a little dificult with all of the walking around and stairs as G12A is also at the tippi top of the block. I found it very difficult and i asked if it were possible to switch to a different block and the kindly obliged and gave us the keys to a room in the D block. After viewing this room we promptly declined as the other room type there was very small and cramped compared to our room and we guessed it was a small compromise for the room being so far from the centre of attractions. see attached pics of room.
    We ate at Pallazina on the Tuesday night and Beach party was the wednesday, pr other way around can't remember, ate at Cassanova on thursday, then Friday was the New years eve gala and Saturday was casanova again and we left sunday. all of the restaurants were absolutely great but my favourite was Pallazina, the servers and staff at all the restaurants were absolutely friendly, efficient and obviously well trained. Though i found that the menu could have changed a bit a Casanova, not sure at Pallazina as we ate there on night.
    The highlight for me foodwise was breakfast as it was immediately apparent to me that the early bird catches the worm at CSS. the breakfast buffet at Pallazina is the only option other than room service, and that was fine by us. the breakfast is lovely with a host of dishes to choose from, breads, croissants, pastries, fruits (could have little more fresh fruit), cold cuts, salad and not to mention the omelette station. breakfast here is from 630 to 1030 i think or 1000. any ways after that its to the beach and procure a beach chair and relax and digest the food.
    It must be said that when we arrived we came in on the back end of a cold front and as such it was really cold at CSS both day and night so much so that the first night we slept with out the AC and the days were pretty much overcast and gloomy, however this cleared up by Wednesday. so essentially we did not enter any of the pools as they were super cold, especially the mineral pool. We went into the water at the beach once just to say we came and did so a but due to the weather it was also pretty cold, but there were also alot of rocks/stones and seaweed though we did not expect the beach to be of exceptional quality but it was a little worse than we expected but we weren't phased as we did not come there for the beach.
    One of our favourite spots was the Jacuzzi at the mineral spa area and we constantly visited this as not many persons seem to frequent this part of the resort and it is much quieter and secluded it seems. the spa area of the resort has a special vibe to it and we found ourselves sometimes at night running down to the Jacuzzi and relaxing there.
    It is worth noting that there are alot of steps leading from the pallazina area to the front lobby and G block areas and if one does not get familiar with the shortcuts then you will be exasperated with all of this walking which probably is not that bad a thing as all those pastries and eggs at breakfast need to be worked the best route is to head to the fitness centre area from the Access way by the grotto and then go to spa elevator which leads to the G block area. this leads me to comment about the beautiful layout and serenity found at CSS, the vegetation, nooks and crannies , walkways, romantic sceneries, the pond and sense of isolation we miss alot and probably has cause CSS to already have a special place in our heart and we intend to visit CSS again maybe for our 1 year anniversary.
    lasty i need to touch on the spa services at Charlie's Spa. as we did not have our marriage cert as we were married the previous day on the sunday. the kind and helpful staff at Charlie's spa still facilitate us with our free couples massage which to say the least was mesmerising and we instantly wanted more so we made a booking for another massage. the free massage is only 25 minutes long and the extra one we paid for was 55 minutes of some of the best "me" time on the planet. we constantly got massages back home and treat ourselves but this one at the "hide away" hut has to be the best we have ever had. Something about haveing a massage with your wife adjacent to you listening to the waves crash and unleash their energy on the rocks below while i am so relaxed make you want it to never end, and a special shout out to the staff of the spa needs to be made.
    All in all the experience we had at CSS was phenomenal and it has left us craving for more, not to mention a level of curiosity to see what the other Couples have to offer.
    here are a few pictures of our stay.

    Best regards,
    Ziad and Nila
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    Thanks so much for sharing your review, and your wonderful photos, they brought back some great memories for us!! AND, congratulations on your marriage! On our first trip to CSS, we stayed in G12B, right next door. What amazing views from those "rooms at the top".

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    Thanks for the great review and pictures. Glad you had an amazing honeymoon. We head to CSS next week-end for our first 'Couples' vacation and can't wait!! Looks beautiful!

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    KarenON, i would definitely be doing it again and Sunflower1972 you would not be disappointed with Couples San Souci. I initially feared that i would have hyped it up too much and would be disappointed because my expectations were too high but it turned out that i was blown away. I must say also that even with the crappy weather it was great, the people were great the staff was unbelievably friendly and they seem to go over and beyond to make you happy, fellow guests were friendly and it seemed to me that they were just waiting for you to strike up some conversation and you would realize that they are not only here on a don't disturb basis but willing to chat and take time to enjoy other couples company as well.
    Ensure you go to Dunns river falls it is phenominal. however if you go shopping ensure to bargain and never ever buy something at the first given price. My only regret is that i did not do more ativities but the weather did not permit. Couples is the best.

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