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    Default CSS store?

    Only 10 more sleeps!!!! We are soooo excited Tried to go shopping for some swim trunks for the hubby, but January in Alberta is slim pickins for swimwear. Does the store at CSS sell mens swim trunks? Thanx

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    The gift shop store does have a moderate selection of mens swimming suites in both logo and others. They have sizes from small to extra large

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfiespetresort View Post
    . . . January in Alberta is slim pickins for swimwear . . .
    Next time, shop on-line. I would never plan to buy necessities at the resort; what if you don't like the selection or if the store doesn't have anything in his size? It might not be too late. Try and request expedited delivery.
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    Yes, they do. Going to be pricey though. Did you check on-line? Our larger department stores are beginning to get swim wear in stock.

    Not sure if you have Sears, but I was just at our Sears and they have Land's End swimwear out on the floor. You can also get it on-line and you may be able to do a rush delivery. Worst case scenario is that if it doesn't get to before you leave, you get your trunks at the resort and return your on-line purchase when you get back. Typically you have a 30 day window for returns.
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    I had good luck on amazon picking up board shorts and sandals.

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    On the Couples website, on the page "about us" you can shop the Couples Living collection. They sell men's swim board shorts for $22! Amazon will have more variety though.
    11 1/2 days for us! Hope to meet you there, wolfie!

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    Go on the sears outlet site, lots of summer stuff on sale in the winter, that is where I always get stuff for winter trips!! I am in Bonnyville, so believe me, I know about slim pickings!! 14 day countdown for us!!

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    Looks like you'll be going A/N more often than you thought.... :-)

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    Sorry, but I have to disagree with the suggestion that trunk will be overly pricey. I have had to buy trunks from the CSS store as well have boughts many tee shirts etc. Sure the prices may be a bit higher than at home, but it's not a big deal. We're from Toronto, so our retail choices are probably very similar to Alberta, considering what you're paying for your holiday, I wouldn't be at all concerned with what they cost at the resort store. Have a great time and have a Red Stripe for me!

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    Hey wolfiespetresort

    We are off to CSS on the 27 as well, I hear ya on the Alberta shopping, we managed to find most of out stuff in the swimwear shops at West Edmonton Mall. Took a couple of trips but i think we managed to find enough stuff for both of us. Hubby Ended up buying mostly board shorts and collared button up shirts and i found some cute cover-ups and bikini's.

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    Thanx everyone. We're not too concerned about spending a few extra bucks on swimtrunks for him, eventhough we do plan on spending most of our time at SSB But he does need something to wear as we walk through the resort LOL. I thought it might be nice to buy something with the Couples logo on it. Only 8 more sleeps!!!!

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