As the days slowly diminish (80 plus) toward my return trip to my favorite place in the world so far JAMAICA! For the past couple of days, I keep thinking about the things I love the most and can only seem to get and feel in Jamaica.

1st the RUM PUNCH: Particularly the large cup my boyfriend and I buy outside of the airport, as soon as we exit, at that little expensive tiki bar, and the 1st cup we get at the resort.

2nd The FIRST DRINK you order when you get to the resort. For me a dirty monkey: half banana, creme de cocoa, rum, khalua and chocolate milk. You cannot duplicate that taste.

3rd the BEEF PATTIES! I used to be wild about those until my last trip in Dec 2009, I ate about 25 and took a box home that I'd bought at the airport.

4th Our VISIT TO DOWNTOWN OCHIE every trip! Once the shuttle drops us off, we walk a few blocks north into the area that is more frequented by Jamaican's. We always go to the same shanty hut bar. We hope it is still there and so far it has been. We sit, have one drink, chat with the locals and leave.

Finally, MY BEACH CHAIR, where I sit, sleep, eat, listen to my ipod, feel the breezes, absorb the sun, read a novel, and look out at the caribbean sea through my sunglasses.

SO WHAT IS A WORTH THE WAIT FEELING, EXPERIENCE, OR TASTE YOU GET ONLY IN JAMAICA? Maybe you can turn ME or SOMEONE on to something new! I'm definately open for suggestions

One Love,