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    Is there an Office of Nature anymore? With Cookie and Sunshine Smiley (Robert)? It has been 2 years since we have been to C.N. and had enjoyed going down to talk with the locals and have a fresh fish grilled lunch and a cold red stripe with them. We have read conflicting reports on this through trip advisor. Some saying there had been a new one and others saying nothing is there anymore that they had moved further north but are now gone again. Any info would be great!!

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    Office of Nature is still there. It has moved further down the beach. Cookie,Randy (aka BuilderBob) Stinkweed, Gritty (chef) are all still there. visited them twice in Dec. Ask Cookie for us if she is on face book yet. Thanks

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    Yes there are two the original and a new one, that area down there stills has many of the same vendors also. You can still go down to that beach area and have a great time with everyone, Cookie is still around the beach area no longer at Office of Nature though. We were there Feb 2010 and July 2010, going back Feb 21st next month.

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    We were there in November. There is a new Office of Nature as you head down the beach, with a nicely built bar. However, this is not the original. keep going...further down is the original. We didn't meet Cookie or Sunshine Smiley but we did meet Stinkweed and Gritty. We had a great time there; are going back in February and will definitely take a walk to the "original" Office.

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