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    Default AFC Championship Game - CSA

    OK, silly me, of all our trips, I picked THIS ONE to book a beachfront room, which means NO TV. I know that we'll be able to join the Steeler Nation and watch the game at the Sports Bar. My question is - will the bar be open and, more importantly, serving beer? I seem to remember that since the sports bar turned into more of a "healthy drink options" bar that it is not really open during the evenings. Can anyone who has been to CSA recently confirm or refute this? Not a huge problem either way, we could just bring some wine from our room bar, but it sure would be nice to be sipping ice cold Red Stripes on our first night back "home."

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    Pretty sure the bars open at 10:30 for the convenience of guests from Louisiana.

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    We always go to CSA in December and always stay in an Atrium Suite so we've watched our fair share of Steeler games at the sports bar. And if I remember correctly ,you could get beer but not mixed drinks. We unfortunately had to postpone our trip this year so I can't say for sure what the hours are at the sports bar now but I"m sure you'll be able to watch the AFC championship game there.
    Have fun and GO STEELERS!!

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    They have beer at the sports bar.

    During the big12 championship game a few years back CSA left the sports bar open late so we could all watch the huskers lose. It was really a lot of fun.

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    Default BobandJudy

    From another STEELER's FAN, I certainly hope that you can be accommodated along with a few alcoholic beveridges!
    (p.s. we don't arrive "home" until Feb. 26th)

    GO STEELER's!!!

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    Default Stairway to seven

    I hope the game is on for you there. I would recommend you plan better next year - my wife laughed at me several months ago when we were planning our trip to CSA because I wouldn't consider going until after the Superbowl. I told her the Steelers were going to be there this year and they are only one away.

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    Thanks everyone for all of the replies. I threatened to try and switch to a room with a TV, but Bob really wants to stay in the beachfront room. Of course, I'm the Steelers fan and he's a Bills fan. HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO! I'll be in the Polamalu jersey!

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    This confuses me. Some of I th the rooms do not have a tv ? I think I booked a deluxe beach room (not a suite). I'd like to have a tv in my room.

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    Go Jets in the AFC championship!

    It is sure to be a great game!

    Whoever wins will win the Superbowl without a doubt

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    CanadaMark - at CSA, the Atrium rooms and the beachfront rooms do not have TVs. I am not sure about the other resorts. Check the room description for your room category on this website.

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