I'm new to the Couples Resort Message Board. I have two close friends who have visited Couples and both have highly recommended Jamaica for our honeymoon. Now the problem - which Couples to stay at?

A little about us. We're getting married September 17th and plan to honeymoon for 6-7 days immediately following the wedding (leaving September 18th or 19th). Our main goals are:
* All-inclusive
* Clear, blue waters
* Snorkeling
* Beach time (less time at the pool)
* Other water sports
* Fun nightlife

Our concerns are:
* Airport too close to CN (is the noise bothersome)?
* Drive from airport to CTI and CSS too long (I've heard 2 hours)
* Hurricane season (again, we will be traveling September 18/19 through September 24/25)

For those of you that have visited multiple locations - which one would be best for us?

Finally, we obviously have some time. When is a good time to book our honeymoon for the best rates?

Thanks in advance for any replies!