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    We are staying at CSA and would like to visit CN. What can you do during your visit or are you restricted to anything? Do they provide tours around the property or can you see what the rooms look like? Just curious what the visits are like.

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    We did the trading places last February from CSA to CN. You can join one of the orientation tours if you want to see the property. Our friends who were staying there gave us a tour. You could probably ask to see a room, but we did not do so. We even went snorkeling. It was very nice of them to let us snorkel since we got to go to a different spot (it was within Bloody Bay). You can also eat at any of the restaurants for lunch, as long as you are dressed appropriately (i.e., wearing a cover-up).

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    Hello! Last summer on our trip to CSA, we visited CN for a day. We planned to pay to take a taxi back early because we didn't think we would want to be there all day. However, we were pleasantly surprised and only left early because it started to rain. Our driver even took us back early for free.

    There are some restrictions on what you can do (I don't think you can use the spa and you leave before dinner, so can't try the restaurants that require a reservation). We did not take a tour of the property and I'm not sure if they are offered. We did, however, ask if we could see some of the rooms. Someone from the front desk (I cannot remember her name, but she was VERY friendly) took us to a number of different rooms and gave us tons of information on the room categories and the resort in general.

    It was really nice to see another resort and we enjoyed it so much that we do plan on doing a CSA/CN split on our next visit. The resorts are different and it was nice to get a feel for CN before making a reservation.

    One thing to note: The gift stores are different at the two resorts and you need to bring cash or a credit card if you plan to purchase anything.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    If you are a member of the Romance Rewards program, you can do a one-day trade. During that visit, you have access to the entire resort except for rooms. and since the van return around 4pm you don't have access to the restaurants and shows in the evening. We always take advantage of the trade -- just wish they ran the van everyday.

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