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    Default BOAT from CSS to CTI

    My S.O and I were at Cti november 2010. The island was closed the whole week we were there Due to the conditons so we took advantage of the trading places that couples offers. We took a bus over with a few other couples and went straight for SSB. Let me just say that that beach and AN set-up is great. We are heading back to Ocho this March and are going for CSS, so my question is this. Is there any way you can hire a boat from couples to take you over to CTI for the day and maybe take the bus back or have the boat pick you up at a predetermined time? It would be a great chance to see the beautiful land from the water. Maybe even get dropped off right at the dock on the island lol.


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    I am sure you can hire a boat to take you anywhere you want on the island. The glitch might be getting dropped off at CTI let alone the island. It has to be "controlled" some how are people would just be getting dropped all the time to take advantage of the great food, drink and surroundings. I know last year while we were visiting CSS through Trading Places, we decided to go back early to CTI and they checked us in at the guard shack to make sure we were actually guests at CTI. Typically a day pass is $75 for half day per person, $150 for full day unless you are a Romance Rewards guest and use the Trading Places.

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